Sadie Robertson And Her Sister Bella Are Twinning In Cute Photo

The 'Duck Dynasty' stars rocked matching shirts to promote a virtual conference.

Sadie Robertson arrives at the 2016 Dove Awards at Allen Arena, Lipscomb University
Anna Webber / Getty Images for Dove Awards

The 'Duck Dynasty' stars rocked matching shirts to promote a virtual conference.

Sadie Robertson took to Instagram on Thursday to promote a virtual conference for young women, and her post included a photo of herself and her younger sister Bella. The image had some fans remarking that the two Duck Dynasty stars almost looked identical.

Sadie, 23, and Bella, 17, showed their sisterly love for each other by rocking matching white T-shirts that had the word “sister” embroidered on them in rainbow letters. Sadie wore her shirt tucked into a pair of dusty-pink sweatpants with an elastic drawstring waist. She and Bella both had the sleeves of their tees rolled up, but Bella knotted one side of her shirt instead of tucking it in. She teamed her top with a pair of black sweatpants.

Sadie and Bella both had their hair cut slightly past their shoulders, and their locks were a similar sandy blond color with dark roots. They even styled their hair the same way by parting it down the center. Bella appeared to have on no makeup, and it looked like Sadie just wore mascara and pink lip gloss. Bella’s lips were pressed together, while Sadie was flashing her pearly whites at the camera.

The sisters posed with their arms around each other and their free hands in the pockets of their sweatpants. It looked like they were standing in front of a driveway, and the photo’s out-of-focus background included tall trees with a dense canopy.

The sun was beaming down on the two girls and illuminating their hair. It looked like Sadie had used a filter on the image to slightly mute the colors.

Sadie’s followers showed her sisterly snapshot plenty of love by pressing the “like” button on her Instagram post or double-tapping it more than 128,000 times over the span of a few hours. In the comments section, many fans suggested that Bella is starting to look a lot like her older sister.

“Look like twins,” read one remark.

“Whoa… y’all could pass for twins in this picture!” another user said.

“You guys look so much alike! Two cuties,” wrote a third fan.

A number of Sadie’s fans also expressed their excitement over the upcoming virtual conference that she’s hosting. She fittingly teamed up with Bella to promote the “Hey Sister” event, which will tackle topics like friendship, relationships, and mentorship. According to the conference’s website, Bella and Sadie’s mother, Korie Robertson, will be a speaker at the event. The Bachelor star Ben Higgins and his fiancée, Jessica Clarke, will also participate in the segment on relationships.

Sadie’s family members often make appearances on her Instagram page. In one of her photos, she and her sister-in-law showed off their beach style in animal-print swimsuits.