Hanna Oberg Trains Her ‘Under’ Booty In Flattering Gray Shorts

Hanna Oberg snaps a selfie
Hanna Oberg / Instagram

Hanna Oberg took to Instagram on Thursday to share a new lower body workout that focused on an area that she called the “under booty.” In her caption, Hanna wrote that the term refers to the part where the gluteus maximus meets the hamstrings.

Dressed in a pair of gray biker shorts and a loose-fitting black jacket, the Swedish fitness model started the circuit with a set of elevated split squats. For this exercise, she placed one foot on a weight plate and positioned her other leg behind it. Then, she bent both legs until her back knee almost hit the floor. Hanna did all this while holding two dumbbells at her sides.

Next, Hanna tackled a set of elevated stiff-leg dead lifts. These required her to place both feet on the weight plate as she held a dumbbell vertically in front of her thighs with both hands. Next, she tilted her torso forward and slowly lowered the weight to the ground.

During the third video of the series, Hanna assumed a wide-legged stance for a set of dead stop squats. She held the dumbbell vertically just like the previous video but this time she bent her knees until she sat on the bench behind her. Then Hanna paused for a couple of seconds before she stood up once more.

Next, Hanna ended the series with a set of one-legged glute bridges. She lay on her back for this one and placed her dumbbell across her pelvis. After she raised one leg at about a 45-degree angle, she lifted her hips and lowered them.

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The post racked up over 20,000 views in four hours and more than 100 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In the comments section, some fans gushed over Hanna’s workout clips.

“I always save your videos,” one person wrote. “They are my number one inspiration in the gym and at home! And YOU are my HERO, you’ve helped me get in shape and develop in my training and I’m so grateful though you don’t even know it or who I am, haha.”

Others were more straightforward with their praise.

“Yessss! This is what I needed in my life!” a second Instagram user wrote.

“You are such an amazing person! I really like your personality,” a third supporter commented.

A fourth commenter expressed their eagerness to attempt the workout Hanna demonstrated in her most recent Instagram post.

“Saved and can’t wait to try it once my gym opens again!!!” they wrote before adding applause and red heart emoji to their comment.