Lone Star College Stabbing Suspect Fantasized About Attack Since Age 8, Police Say

The Lone Star College stabbing suspect reportedly fantasized about a rampage attack since he was 8 years old, police in Texas have said.

Authorities are still trying to figure out why 20-year-old Dylan Quick went on an attack Tuesday at the Lone Star College Cy-Fair campus that left 14 people stabbed. Police said it appears that Quick chose victims at random.

They also found that he may have planned the attack for years, and fantasized about going on a killing rampage since he was 8 years old.

“We don’t know what the impetus was for this incident. We have heard in other circumstances where bullying may have been a contributing factor,” said Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

Quick reportedly slashed several people at Lone Star College as he moved throughout a building. He was eventually subdued by other students.

“It is something you can’t predict. Everything happened just so quick,” said James Ahssanipoor, who helped stop the suspect.

Ahssanipoor said he saw a commotion on campus and someone pointed out where Dylan Quick was stabbing students. Police said they responded within minutes of receiving a 911 call at 11:13 am, but a small group was able to take down the suspect first.

“I grabbed him from here,” Ahssanipoorsiad. “He has a back pack. You fall back on the ground. I come up and step my foot right here on him.”

As the stabbing was going on, Lone Star officials warned people on campus to seek shelter and watch out for a second suspect. Those reports were later corrected, with authorities saying the lone 20-year-old white male was responsible for the attack.

The Lone Star College suspect is undergoing a psychological evaluation and is set to appear in court on Thursday.

Police said Quick went missing two days ago, and a previous report from 2011 showed that he had run away again and his parents believed he was suicidal. He was later found on the Lone Star College campus inside of a tent.

Police said the victims in the Lone Star College stabbing rampage are all recovering nicely. Three were released from the hospital on Wednesday and the remaining two who were hospitalized are in good condition.