Republican Group Creates Sobering Video Of Modern Presidents In Crisis Contrasted With Donald Trump

Donald Trump looks on during a joint news conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda
Drew Angerer / Getty Images

The Lincoln Project, an American political action committee of high-profile anti-Trump Republicans, created a sobering video contrasting modern presidents and the way they responded during a crisis with President Donald Trump’s response to the civil unrest after George Floyd’s death.

The video included both Democrats and Republicans and showed that during a tragedy, no matter a president’s party, he has typically rallied to help comfort citizens.

The video began with footage of the astronauts who died in the ill-fated Challenger explosion in 1986. President Ronald Reagan’s words about the crew played over the clip, and he firmly vowed to never forget them. White words on a black screen declared “Our President’s Rise,” and then Reagan, who was a Republican, completed his sentence.

The next black screen had a white font that read, “In Moments Of Crisis,” and the footage showed the horrific picture of the Murray Building after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, took his turn at providing comfort to the state and the country after a major tragedy. He promised that those who lost their lives in the bombing would have a legacy that lived on through every American’s life.

The next transition screen read, “To Hear Our Pain,” and featured President George W. Bush, a Republican, standing amid the rubble of the World Trade Center towers shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks. He yelled through a megaphone and confidently told Americans that the people who knocked the buildings down would face a reckoning for what they did as the crowd cheered.

The next black screen read, “To Lead Us Forward,” and President Barack Obama, a Democrat, led a stirring rendition of “Amazing Grace” during the funeral for Rev. Clementa Pinckney, who was shot at church in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2015.

Then, the tone of the music and the presidents changed with the words “Until Now.” The video featured clips of police in riot gear pushing back protestors, and President Donald Trump, a Republican, saying harsh words about dispatching thousands of heavily armed soldiers to dominate the streets of communities experiencing unrest.

After Trump’s words, the video switched to presumed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. “The Time Has Come,” read the screen. The former vice president reminded people that this is the United States of America, and he vowed not to traffic in fear and division or fan the flames of hate. After the words “To Restore Decency,” Biden urged people to lift their heads up and remember who they are as citizens of the U.S.

So far, The Lincoln Project ad has nearly 3 million views on Twitter. Almost 130,000 accounts hit the like button, and more than 61,000 retweeted the message from the anti-Trump Republicans. Many users thanked the group for creating the advertisement and urged them to air it on Fox News.