Sophie Van Oostenbrugge Rocks Black Sports Bra And Gray Shorts For New Ab Workout Videos

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge poses for a selfie.
Sophie Van Oostenbrugge / Instagram

Sophie Van Oostenbrugge added a new ab workout routine to her Instagram page on Thursday.

In the four-part video series, the Dutch fitness influencer rocked a black sports bra and a pair of gray shorts. She started the series with a set of elevated side planks with leg raises. With her body turned to the camera, she placed her feet on the seat of a chair and propped herself up with one arm. Then, she slowly lifted her top leg and lowered it. Sophie suggested doing three sets of 12 repetitions.

Next, Sophie performed a set of toe touches. She lay on her back for this exercise and then lifted her torso. While doing so she raised her knee toward her chest and stretched her arms toward her toes. Again, she recommended doing three sets but this time, she recommended doing 10 to 12 repetitions per set.

A set of in-and-out plank jumps came next. The exercise required her to kick her legs out to the side and back to their original position with a motion that resembled a jumping jack. Sophie suggested doing the exercise for 25 to 30 seconds and repeating it twice after the first set.

Sophie ended the circuit with a set of bicycle crunches. She sat on her exercise mat for this one and extended her legs in front of her. For this exercise, she raised her knees to her opposite shoulder as she bent her torso toward it. Next, she repeated the exercise on the other side. She suggested doing three sets of 12 reps for this one.

The post accumulated more than 12,000 likes in an hour, and close to 100 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, some fans shared their positive reactions to Sophie’s demonstration

“Amazing workout,” one person commented. “Will definitely give it a try.”

A second supporter used their comment to declare their love for Sophie.

“You know this job,” they quipped before adding a heart-eyes emoji to their comment. “I’ve seen the best, most beautiful, sweet woman. Career full of success. I love you. Love you get from Turkey.”

And others focused on complimenting her appearance.

“Okay okay hold up…. your hair looks so good all the time and this outfit ugh,” a third Instagram user wrote. “You’re AHHHHMAZING.”

However, a fourth fan seemed very intimidated by the workout’s more challenging moves.

“This is so hard,” they remarked. “I would never be able to do those runs.”