Nick Cordero’s Coronavirus Battle Hits Day 85, He Is ‘Profoundly Weak,’ His Wife Amanda Kloots Details

Nick Cordero attends HBO's premiere of 'Mr. Dynamite: The Rise of James Brown'
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Waitress actor Nick Cordero is now on day 85 of his difficult coronavirus battle. On Thursday, Nick’s wife, Amanda Kloots, shared a detailed update on her husband’s condition via her Instagram page. As is almost always the case, she was honest about both the positives and negatives of the current situation.

Late last week, Amanda was finally able to visit Nick in person in the ICU at Cedars-Sinai hospital. Due to precautions and restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic, Amanda had not been able to visit Nick at the hospital since he was admitted at the end of March.

Amanda’s new post shared a lot of details that people who don’t always see her Instagram stories may not have known. She said that Nick is generally alert now, but he is incredibly weak.

While Nick emerged from his coma weeks ago, he still is extremely limited in what he is able to do. Amanda said that he can move his eyes and that is how he communicates, answering yes and no questions by raising his eyes up or down. Amanda also noted that during especially alert moments, Nick had started moving his jaw as well.

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Nick update day 85. ⠀ Nick is profoundly weak. Imagine how you feel getting the flu and how it can take your body a full week to recover. Now imagine how Nicks body feels, all that he has gone through and how long it will take him to recover. This will take time, a long time. ⠀ He interacts with his eyes, answering questions by looking up for yes and down for no. When he is alert he can also move his jaw. I have been doing passive physical therapy on him to help in any way I can to get him stronger, to keep his joints moving and engage his muscles. He cannot move his body yet. He has had some minor blood infections that are causing little blood pressure issues although those are under control. His vent settings are getting better and his numbers are trending in a better direction. He is relatively stable. ⠀ Is this defeating? Sometimes it is, I won’t lie. I wish I would walk into his room and he was able to give me a big smile and hold my hand. But instead of feeling defeated, I turn to feeling determined! I give him any and all energy I can. I tell him goals that the doctors would like to see. I insist that he CAN do this! People may look at me like I’m crazy. They may think that I don’t fully understand his condition because I’m smiling and singing in his room everyday. I’m just not going to mope around and feel sad for myself or him. That is not would Nick would want me to to do. That is not my personality. I fight and I will continue to fight for Nick every single day. With God on our side anything can happen! ???? ⠀

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Whenever Nick is well enough to be discharged, Amanda has said he will go directly to a rehabilitation facility. In fact, she said he will probably need to be there for a year or more. In the meantime, she has focused on doing what she could during her visits to engage his muscles and build his strength.

Nick has repeatedly battled against infections and blood pressure issues throughout this COVID-19 fight. In her latest update, Amanda noted that the doctors discovered some minor blood infection issues that are causing fluctuations in his pressure once again. Luckily, at this point, those have been under control.

The actor’s ventilator settings have moved in the right direction, as have other general numbers tracking his condition. Amanda said that as of now, he has reached a point of remaining relatively stable.

Amanda admitted that all of this has felt defeating at times. She has wished she could get a big hug from him when she walked into his room, but for now, that’s not possible.

Rather than staying in a place of feeling defeated, Amanda explained that she has remained determined. She has consistently given Nick all the energy she could, singing and encouraging him as she has fought for him every single day. Amanda noted that Nick would not want her to mope around, and she insisted she’ll continue to fight for Nick every day.

There is clearly a long road ahead for Nick, Amanda, and their loved ones. Being able to visit Nick at the hospital does seem to be helping, but Thursday’s updates signal that this is still a tough battle that won’t be over anytime soon.