Ezekiel Elliott Says He Wants Jamal Adams On The Cowboys During Interview About His Coronavirus Recovery

Ezekiel Elliott might be busy recovering from the coronavirus, but he wasn't too busy on Wednesday to make it clear he'd like to see Jamal Adams join the Dallas Cowboys. In a video chat with YouTube personality Scooter Magruder, Elliott talked about his positive diagnosis and how badly he would like his team to work out a trade with the New York Jets for the star defender. USA Today's Lori Epstein posted the video of the chat on Twitter.

Todd Brock of CowboysWire reported that Elliott's video chat had more to do with how he was dealing with his positive COVID-19 diagnosis, but he did weigh in on how much he wanted a new potential teammate. Brock said the 24-year-old, three-time Pro Bowler echoed the sentiment of many Cowboys fans once they heard Adams wanted to be traded.

"I would love to have Jamal Adams on the Dallas Cowboys."
Elliott was one of several Houston Texans and Cowboys players to test positive for the coronavirus earlier this month. Some fans and analysts have wondered whether his infection might have had to do with a party he attended alongside quarterback Dak Prescott. The party was said to have had more people in attendance than was allowed by Texas state law at the time, but Elliott and Prescott both disputed the claim and said they were abiding occupancy rules.

Magruder asked the running back how he was feeling and whether he was on the mend this week.

"I would say I had maybe one or two days where I felt symptoms," Elliott said. "And even then, it wasn't too bad. I had a cough and a little bit of shortness of breath. Now, I would say I feel good. I feel normal."

He added that while he felt he could go out and do normal things without any problems right now, he didn't think it would hurt to wait another week and make sure he was totally recovered.

When it came to Adams, rumors have persisted since the trade deadline during the 2019 season that the Cowboys were interested in the Jets' star. A contract dispute with his current team has reportedly consistently frustrated Adams over the course of the offseason, and the player has asked for a trade, saying on social media that it was time to move on.

Adams reportedly has a list of teams he would accept a deal from, and the Cowboys are said to be near the top. When Elliott was asked whether he's heard anything from the front office about whether a trade might be close, he told Magruder he "couldn't help with that," and that that sort of thing was "above his pay grade."