WWE Rumors: Son Of Legendary Superstar Reportedly Being Fast-Tracked To Main Roster

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Most superstars who join WWE have a stint in NXT before they join the main roster. Even performers who have accumulated a wealth of wrestling experience prior to joining WWE usually begin in NXT. Top stars who got their start on the black-and-gold brand include Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. However, Rey Mysterio’s son, Dominik, looks set to go straight to the main roster, despite being a relative newcomer to in-ring competition.

According to Sportskeeda‘s Tom Colohue, the reason why Dominik is being fast-tracked to the main roster might have something to do with his father’s influence backstage. It is also believed that WWE accepted Dominik’s push to get Mysterio to sign a new contract.

“To my knowledge, it was part of a conversation topic with Rey Mysterio. I don’t know if it was part of his contract negotiation when he first signed up, but I do know it wasn’t long before we started to see Dominik appear on TV right after Rey signed.”

Colohue went on to say that the company is promoting Domink to the main roster as a “favor” to Mysterio for his service throughout the years. However, company officials reportedly believe that it’s a good idea because the young wrestler has a lot of potential as a WWE superstar. The storyline prospects are also intriguing.

Dominik has been featured in a program with Rey Mysterio and Rollins in recent weeks. Rollins wants the young superstar to join his heel faction on Monday Night Raw, but Dominik has resisted the temptation so far. The young superstar even attacked Rollins on a recent episode of the red brand’s weekly show.

There have been reports over the last year or so that revealed WWE wants to have Mysterio and Dominik face each other at a WrestleMania pay-per-view. With Mysterio now in the twilight stages of his in-ring career, it’s understandable why his son is being fast-tracked to the main roster. If the reports are true, Mysterio will want to face Dominik while he can still compete at a high level.

As documented by Wrestling World, Mysterio recently told Galaxy Con’s Rock Around the Ring that he doesn’t want Dominik to be his final opponent in WWE either. This rules out the rumors of the young superstar being the one who will eventually retire his father, but it also suggests that both performers have long-term aims in WWE.

It remains to be seen what WWE’s plans for Dominik and Mysterio are, but the former could make his in-ring debut very soon.