Jon Bon Jovi Relaxes On Inflatable Swan In New Instagram Pic

Jon Bon Jovi relaxed on an inflatable swan in a new Instagram photo posted yesterday. The rock 'n' roll superstar posed alongside his son Jesse in honor of National Rosé Day. The Bon Jovi frontman, singer, and songwriter took the pic to promote his business venture Hampton Water, a wine company that is run by his wife Dorothea alongside his eldest son Jesse Bongiovi.

In the tongue-in-cheek image, Jon, 58, was in front of a retro Airstream camper. He relaxed on an oversized inflatable swan, which would normally be used in a pool. He wore a white, button-down shirt in the image and gray pants, which were pulled up to almost his knees, exposing his toned calf muscles.

His right arm rested on his knee, which was drawn up close toward his chest. Jon's other hand was extended outward with a wineglass held in his palm. He looked away from the camera lens in the shot. Jon's hair was fashioned in its usual style, with its salt-and-pepper color striking against his tanned skin. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer wore dark aviator sunglasses. In the pic, he also showed off a little-known tattoo on his left leg.

Next to Jon sat his oldest son Jesse, who sported a pink shirt and gray shorts. His legs and feet were bare. He looked directly at the camera as he poured his father a glass of the pink, adult beverage. He was in the doorway of the trailer next to yet another inflatable swan. The doorway to the camper was open, exposing a reddish interior. A large, extendible striped awning was pulled open for shade.

The image appeared to have been taken in a backyard area. A line of bushes surrounded the property. Gray paving stones in front of the camper were surrounded by grass.

In the caption, Jon shared that he "missed" National Rosé Day but stated that in his home, it is celebrated every day due to the success of the family wine business. National Rosé Day is celebrated yearly on the second Saturday in June.

Fans of the rock 'n' roll superstar loved the image.

"You both look handsome and classy, cheers!" said one follower.

"I love this photo!" exclaimed a second fan.

"Jon Bon Jovi and wine, a dream come true for sure," remarked a third admirer.

"Never too late to celebrate a glass of good wine, cheers!" stated a fourth fan.