‘The Challenge’: Things Get Heated Between Bayleigh Dayton And Kaycee Clark Before Elimination

Bayleigh Dayton and Kaycee Clark posing for MTV cast photo.

It was an explosive night in The Challenge: Total Madness house as Bayleigh Dayton and Kaycee Clark rehashed their Big Brother past while voicing fresh feelings of hurt and betrayal, according to a report from Entertainment Weekly.

The episode kicked off with Bayleigh admitting she isn’t sure about her ability to compete since her husband, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, was eliminated. At this point in the game, she doesn’t have too many loyal friends, and she’s still without a red skull, making her unqualified to run the final challenge. Bayleigh knows she needs to get herself into an elimination to earn the red skull and hopes her previous ties with Kaycee will be enough to help her along the way. Unfortunately for her, Kaycee has already developed a close friendship with Nany González. The two women have been spending a lot of time together in the bunker, and the rest of the players believe there might be something more than friendship between them.

“Bayleigh and I’s friendship on Big Brother, which was a year ago, from the very beginning, we kept each other sane,” Kaycee said earlier in the episode. “Bayleigh is a beautiful girl and we connected, but Nany is a way better friend in my eyes than Bayleigh.”

After the daily challenge, Nany earned herself a spot in the Tribunal, which means she will volunteer herself to go into the elimination to earn a red skull. The rest of the house must then decide which of the two other women without red skulls, Bayleigh or Melissa Reeves, will be competing against Nany. Nany made it clear she thinks she has a better chance of winning against Melissa and hopes Kaycee and the rest of the house will vote in her favor.

Meanwhile, Bayleigh was concerned that this might be her last opportunity to get a skull but opted not to plead her case during the house’s deliberation session. The deciding vote came down to Kaycee, and she voted for Melissa, which felt like a betrayal to Bayleigh and their unspoken Big Brother alliance.

Later, Bayleigh accused Nany of coming between her friendship with Kaycee and revealed that she would sleep in Kaycee’s bed while filming Big Brother. Kaycee was quick to deny this, and all three women got into a huge argument in front of the entire house.

“On Big Brother, Kaycee and I were Kaycee and Nany,” Bayleigh said, sharing her side of the story. “We definitely flirted, we definitely talked about me being her type, and me thinking she was cute. But now, all of a sudden, Kaycee acts like we don’t even know each other and she’s spending all this time with Nany.”

During the elimination challenge, Nany competed against Melissa and lost. She was immediately sent home, leaving Bayleigh with a huge smile on her face.