Alexandra Cane Gets Flirty In A White Bikini At The Beach

Alexandra Cane wears a white dress and a black hat.
Jerod Harris / Getty Images

Alexandra Cane has shared two new updates to her Instagram feed in the past 24 hours, and she kicked it off with a flirty new bikini snap. She posed at the beach and showcased her figure in a tiny white swimsuit.

The model sat with her right hip popped out and her knees bent and propped herself up with her left hand. She also placed her right hand by her forehead to shield her eyes from the bright sunlight, smiling with her lips closed as she appeared to be enjoying herself.

Alexandra’s bikini top had a classic triangle-style cut with chain accents in the middle of her cleavage and straps. Her matching bottoms had the same chain straps that embellished her bare hips.

Alexandra wore her hair down, allowing her short locks to graze her shoulders. Her makeup application apparently included eyeshadow, heavy mascara, blush, and bright pink lipstick. She accessorized with earrings and two charm necklaces of different lengths.

The photo was taken on a sunny day, and Alexandra’s deep tan glowed, her skin looking flawless. In particular, it was hard to miss her cleavage, flat abs, and toned legs.

Alexandra sat on a blue beach towel with an eye-catching design featuring tropical leaves. Behind her was a colorful fabric with horizontal stripes with bright blue, red, and yellow hues. Additionally, a pile of light-colored clothing, a dark brown bag, and a straw hat were placed beside her on the sand.

The snap has been liked over 37,000 times so far, and her supporters took to the comments section to send their love.

“Where is the bikini from? You look [fire],” gushed a social media user.

“Caption is literally me every time I go to the beach,” sympathized a second admirer.

“Now that’s social distancing you have your own little area lol x,” noted a third fan.

Among the compliments, there was also a follower with a complaint.

“Never comment, but it’s so obvious the extended thigh has been airbrushed, it’s smaller then [sic] Your calf, such a shame. #unfollow,” they exclaimed.

“It’s just the angle my dear,” Alexandra clarified.

In addition, Alexandra took to her Instagram on May 16 to show off her physique in another eye-catching ensemble, that time a red lingerie set. She sat on the edge of a plush, white bed, and played with her hair with her left hand. Her tiny bra and thong allowed her to show off her chest, abs, and legs. She wore a face full of makeup that seemingly included silver eyeshadow, dark blush, and pink lipstick.