Contortionist Sofie Dossi Rocks A Red Bikini & Bends Her Body On A Sea-Doo

Contortionist Sofie Dossi amazed many of her 7.4 million TikTok followers by showing off her incredible flexibility while rocking a skimpy bikini. On Wednesday, the 19-year-old social media star shared a collection of video clips with her fans, and they included a few shots of Sofie demonstrating some of her contortion poses.

Most of the footage in Sofie's video showed her hanging out with her pop star friend Jake Clark. Some of their adventures took place at a lake, where they looked like they were having a blast riding around on Sea-Doo personal watercraft. In one shot, Sofie was posing on a Sea-Doo that wasn't in motion. She wore a red string bikini with long ties that were embellished with glittering beads. The garment appeared to have a thong back.

Sofie's chest was pressed against the Sea-Doo's yellow seat, and her body was almost bent in half. Her booty nearly touched her lower back, and her knees were bent over her head so her feet were dangling past her face. She was gripping the handlebars of the watercraft, and she was turning her face to the side to flash a smile at the camera.

In another shot, Sofie appeared to rock the same red bikini as she performed a similar stunt on the edge of a pool. She was doing a handstand with her spine curved so that her rear end almost rested on top of her head. Her legs were extended out over the water. She slowly brought them down before allowing herself to fall into the pool.

In some of the footage, the former America's Got Talent star was wearing a leopard-print bikini. She was also shown dancing with Jake and riding around with him in a dune buggy on a bumpy dirt road.

In the comments section of Sofie's video, Jake joked that he was doing a Debby Ryan impression in the last video snippet. It showed him smiling shyly at the camera and fluttering his eyelashes.

Some of Sofie's footage was seemingly filmed at Lake Havasu in Arizona. She also shared a photo of herself posing on the Sea-Doo on her Instagram page, and the post's geotag indicated that she was visiting the tourist hot spot when it was snapped.

As of this writing, Sofie's followers have liked her TikTok video over 124,000 times.

"Everything about this video was so cool," read one of the responses to her upload.

"I wish I could be as flexy as you one day! Gotta keep practicing for now," another fan wrote.

There were also a large number of comments suggesting that Sofie's video might make Hype House member Tony Lopez jealous. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the TikTok star has admitted to having a little crush on Sofie.

"Tony: Alexa play 'that should be me' by Justin Bieber," quipped one commenter.

"Tony be like 'dang that's my girl,'" read another remark.