Julianne Kissinger Shows Off Bare Booty In Super Short Skirt

Julianne Kissinger wears a black hat.
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Julianne Kissinger has been keeping things heated on her Instagram page lately with plenty of sultry new photos, and her post from today was another flirty share. She posed in an outfit that featured yellow plaid, and her super short skirt left little to the imagination.

The model crouched low to the ground for the photo and balanced herself with her hand placed on the back of a rattan couch. She kept her knees together and glanced over her right shoulder with a coy pout on her face.

Her crop top was made of two different fabrics, and the back was sheer white and the front was yellow plaid with white and black accents. Her matching miniskirt had a high waistline and a very short hem that left most of her bare derrière on show. She accessorized with a pair of thigh-high black fishnet stockings, but her shoes were left a mystery thanks to the crop of the picture.

Julianne wore her hair in a half-ponytail with a middle part and loose bangs that framed her face. Her curly locks fell on her lower back, and her blond highlights popped against her dark backpack.

The photo was apparently taken outside on a patio, and a bright beam of sunlight lit up the right bottom of her physique. There was a large outdoor fireplace and a well-manicured lawn in the backdrop.

The update has been live for seven hours, and it has received more than 63,900 likes so far. Her admirers headed to the comments section to gush about the post, and many people focused on responding to her caption.

“Wow you look gorgeous and the line is from clueless,” declared a social media user.

“I would let you skip any class clueless is the movie beautiful,” wrote a second devotee.

“You can hide out with me,” joked a third supporter.

“Too easy, clueless, cher didn’t look half as good as you do in that skirt,” wrote another follower.

Julianne also rocked another similarly tiny skirt in a social media update from a week ago. That time, she opted for a tiny T-shirt and a matching pleated skirt. In the first photo of the two-part series, she posed with her back facing the camera and her right knee raised in the air. Her tiny top left her chest bare and her sideboob was hard to miss. In addition, she stuck her tongue out playfully for the flirty photo.