Angela Gutierrez 'My 600-LB Life' Update: After Leaving Dr. Now's Program, Weight Loss And Animosity Follow

Angela Gutierrez appeared to have a very rough road ahead of her when My 600-LB Life fans last saw her.

The mother, who weighed more than 600 pounds when she was first featured on the show, struggled with the rigid program put forth by famed weight-loss surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan. She missed appointments and found it difficult to commit to the program he laid out, which included drastically cutting calories and losing a significant amount of weight before she could consider weight-loss surgery. By the end of her episode, which is re-airing on June 24, Angela was dropping out of the program and leaving Houston.

Since then, Angela said she has experienced significant weight loss -- but also some apparent animosity with the show's production company.

Angela claimed in a call with Dr. Now that she lost 120 pounds, which he doubted. Her public Facebook page -- seen by clicking here -- does show progress in some areas, with Angela getting the chance to be more active and do more with her children, though it doesn't show exactly how much weight she may have lost. She has shared some updates about being on a Keto diet, and more recent pictures do appear to show a slimmed-down figure. But it's still unclear exactly where Angela falls in her weight-loss journey.

Aside from the weight loss, Angela has joined a movement against Megalomedia, the production company responsible for My 600-LB Life. A number of others featured on the show have claimed the company was negligent, including allegations that they ignored pleas for help from James L.B. Bonner, who ultimately died by suicide in 2018. Nine other former cast members have filed lawsuits, making similar claims against the company.

Though Angela has not joined in on the lawsuits herself, she has expressed support for those who have filed. She told Starcasm in February that she was happy to see the development and hoped fans of the show would get a chance to see what really takes place behind the scenes.

"This makes me so happy to see that people will learn the truth about that show," Angela told the outlet. "It's so sad it got to him so bad that he took his life but I 100% understand!!!"

"I would love to be part of that case to help that family tell the truth."
While her support for the lawsuit may mean it's unlikely that Angela would show up in any of the My 600-LB Life update specials, fans are still able to follow her weight-loss journey on Facebook.