Ashleigh Jordan Trains Her Abs In Bright Blue Joggers And Sports Bra For New Workout Videos

Ashleigh jordan poses for a selfie
Ashleigh Jordan / Instagram

Ashleigh Jordan took to Instagram on Wednesday to show her 3.5 million Instagram users a new ab workout.

In the four-part workout video series, the blond bombshell rocked a pair of bright navy blue joggers and a white sports bra. She lay on her back in the first clip for a set of dead bugs. For this exercise, she lifted her legs and bent them at about a 90-degree angle. With her arms raised above her chest, she pushed one foot forward and lowered the opposite arm. Then, she repeated the exercise on the other side. In her caption, Ashleigh recommended doing three sets of 20 repetitions.

Next, she tackled a set of heel taps. She started this video in the plank position and then lifted one knee toward her opposite arm as she lowered her hand to touch her heel. For this exercise, she suggested 10 repetitions per set for three rounds.

In the third video, Ashleigh moved on to a series of oblique flutter kicks. She lay on the floor again for this one and then turned her legs to the side to alternate kicking each leg forward. Ashleigh’s caption recommended three sets of 20 repetitions on each side.

Next, she ended the circuit with a set of plate extensions. Ashleigh assumed the same position that she did in the first video. She placed a weight plate on her shins and then pushed her feet forward. Then she raised her knees toward her chest and lowered her arms to pick up the weight and lift it over her head. Her caption suggested three sets of 15 repetitions.

Besides the exercise demonstration, Ashleigh also shared a fitness tip in the last slide of her video that was all about stretching the abs after a workout.

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TOTAL ABS ???? . TAG a friend! . Hoping everyone is having a great week so far! ☺️✨ Was feeling superrrrr sore today ???? so I decided to have an “active” rest day! Did some mobility movements, this lil ab routine and stretching ????????‍♀️ and it was exactly what I needed ???? I always say it, listen to your body! ☝???? But honestly, this ab workout was still killer and idk why I did that to myself but here we are ???? Give it a try next time you train abs! ???????? . 1️⃣ Dead bug- 3×20 2️⃣ Heel taps- 3×10 3️⃣ Oblique flutter kicks- 3×20 each side 4️⃣ Plate extension- 3×15 . @brettstir ???????? Outfit- @nvgtn Sapphire Blue Joggers, White OG Tank! Next Launch: June 27th 10am est _________________________ #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitlife #workout #workoutvideo #workoutmotivation #abs #absworkout #abworkout #healthylifestyle #happiness #positivevibes #summer #tampa #florida #homeworkout #homeworkouts

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The post accumulated close to 10,000 likes in under an hour and almost 100 Instagram users have commented on it so far. In those comments, some fans seemed very appreciative of the exercise demonstration.

“Those plate extensions though,” one Instagram user wrote. “I adore your ab workouts! I Follow them religiously-thank you sooo much!”

“Thanks for another great video!” It’s work time!” another person commented before adding fire and star-eyed emoji to their comment.

But most of the comments revolved around Ashleigh’s workout attire, which consisted of pieces from her athleisure line, NVGTN.

“I love the pockets on your pants. I gotta get some too,” another Instagram user wrote.

“Like your workout pants. They have pockets. Do you sell these? If so how would l order,” a fourth supporter commented.