WWE News: Kevin Owens Explains Why He Walked Out Of Recent TV Tapings, Discusses Management’s Reaction

Kevin Owens cuts a promo

WWE superstar Kevin Owens took a hiatus from the company last week following the news that an unnamed female wrestler had tested positive for COVID-19. Owens refused to participate in last week’s taping of Monday Night Raw as a result, and there’s no telling when he’ll return. In a recent interview with The Bump, he opened up about the reasoning behind the decision to walk out of the promotion for the time being.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Owens was worried about the coronavirus case and the possible impact it could have on his family if he contracted the illness. The superstar revealed that WWE officials supported his move, stating that they “didn’t even flinch” when he told them that he was leaving. He has been in a cabin in Tennessee with his family ever since.

Owens also opened about the possibility of superstars taking time off resulting in them getting backstage heat. There have been recent reports that state Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn have upset management, but the former Universal Champion doesn’t believe that the company is out to punish anyone for not working during the pandemic.

“You know there’s no push-back I mean I don’t think there would be push back on anybody, but also they know once I make my mind up that’s the way it’s gonna be. They were respectful of my decision. I’m glad that I took it and I figured it was the best thing for my family.”

Owens’ wife’s grandfather reportedly passed away because of COVID-19 in recent weeks, which made the grappler warier of getting infected. The loss of a family member, coupled with the situation in WWE, left him feeling concerned about his health.

Owens appears to have made a smart decision. As The Inquisitr reported on Wednesday, several WWE employees — including in-ring performers — have tested positive for the coronavirus. If Owens stuck around, it’s likely he would have become even more susceptible to the virus.

At the time of this writing, WWE plans on pressing ahead with the weekly shows as normal. However, employees are expected to be tested again this week ahead of the next batch of television tapings.

This development might discourage Owens from returning to action anytime soon, and the new cases could potentially bring more negative publicity to the company. Even though WWE has been taping from the Performance Center with essential personnel only, many fans and pundits believe that continuing to put on shows during a pandemic is reckless.