YouTuber Kristin Johns Provides An Update Weeks After Being Involved In A Horrific Hit-And-Run

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YouTuber Kristin Johns took to Instagram on Wednesday, June 24, to share a joyful photo of herself and discuss how she is doing. In mid-May, Kristin and her husband, Marcus, were involved in a horrific hit-and-run accident while on a bike ride. They both suffered major injuries and are in the process of recovery.

In the photo, Kristin appeared much different than she did weeks ago as she sat in her hospital bed informing her followers about what had happened. In this snapshot, a wide smile was visible on her face and she appeared to be laughing. She looked stunning in a red dress with white flowers and wore her long brown hair down in loose waves. The 25-year-old appeared to be wearing some light makeup, including mascara and pink lipstick.

Kristin held a white coffee mug with both hands while sitting on a counter near a window. In her caption, she discussed that as she goes through the healing process, she has been focused on keeping a positive mindset and celebrating small victories. The victory she enjoyed today was putting on her shoes without help for the first time in weeks.

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Taking note of small victories has been really getting me through these days. ???? I put shoes on by myself for the first time? Victory! I got an inch more of mobility in my leg? Victory! I slept through the night without having to take any pain medicine? Victory! ???????? Taking time to be truly thankful for each step toward normalcy has been so helpful especially when our days are far from our “normal.” ???? To anyone out there going through a difficult season right now - I feel your pain, & I’m sorry. I know what it feels like to wake up in the morning & wanting to go right back to sleep so that you don’t have to feel the physical & emotional pain you know the day will bring you. I know how it feels to wonder how the heck you will get to the other side of the suffering you are experiencing. I know what it’s like to feel alone because “how could anyone actually understand the pain I’m feeling?” Here’s what I’ll say to you: It sure isn’t easy, but you are going make it. You are going to be a stronger & better person for what you are going through. I truly believe that God takes the ugliest, most painful situations & makes something beautiful out of them. I have put my full trust in God throughout this journey & I believe it is the only thing that has kept me going & kept a smile on my face. Leaning on Him when you are at your weakest will quickly teach you that although you aren’t in control, you sure are happy He is. ????????

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Kristin concluded her caption with a message for others out there that are suffering in a similar way. She encouraged them to keep pushing forward and to know that whatever emotions they are feeling, they are justified. She assured them that they are not alone and that whatever they are going through, they will come out of the situation on the other side stronger than ever.

Kristin got a lot of love for the post, which racked up 40,000 likes in just an hour. Many people took to the comments section to compliment her on the beautiful photo, as well as her positive mindset. Others thanked her, saying that her encouragement was just what they needed.

“What a beautiful message! Celebrating your victories with you!” remarked one person.

“I love this! Definitely something I needed to hear!” wrote another.

“Keep it up! You will make it through this we are believing with you!” a third fan wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, both Kristin and Marcus suffered broken bones and were badly battered during the accident. They are no longer allowed to discuss the investigation regarding the person who allegedly hit them and drove off. However, they previously stated that they were told the individual had been on the run from the police and purportedly hit them on purpose to create a distraction.