WWE News: Multiple People Test Positive For Coronavirus, Including In-Ring Talent — Family Banned From Tapings

Multiple people have tested positive for COVID-19 at the WWE Performance Center in the last week, including in-ring talent. Names and exact details weren't released, but reports state that at least three people have had a positive test. All of those people were in the Performance Center over the last few days, and this situation has led to family members being barred from tapings this week.

Pro Wrestling Sheet first reported the positive tests, and it isn't known as to when those employees took their tests.

WWE has held all of its shows at the Performance Center in Orlando since mid-March. Fans only just started appearing in the crowd again, but most of the "fans" have been NXT superstars, developmental talent, and the family members of some of those on the roster.

That will not be the case for this week's taping as friends and family won't be allowed to attend at the request of medical staff members.

As reported by Pro Wrestling Sheet, more testing will be done this week before all TV production. NXT will take place on Wednesday evening, with Friday Night SmackDown happening later in the week. WWE already has some footage from previous weeks that can be used to pad out the shows.

WWE is planning on holding a set of tapings on Friday and Saturday of this week. They are hoping to record enough footage to cover the next two weeks of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown. That would allow for less gatherings of people.

As of this writing, the tapings have not been canceled or altered. WWE is going to have its medical staff do additional testing to make sure that COVID-19 does not spread among in-ring talent and backstage employees.

The Viking Raiders and Street Profits stand tall.

On Wednesday, Florida broke its record for new cases of COVID-19 in a single day with 5,506. As reported by NBC Miami, it brought the state's total up to 109,014. The number of deaths due to the coronavirus is up to 3,281.

As reported by The Inquisitr, an unnamed female developmental talent tested positive for COVID-19 last week. That one positive test had already created chaos and feelings of uncertainty backstage. That person has not returned to the Performance Center since receiving her test results.

The next few weeks of shows could look different than they recently have due to this situation. WWE has already brought in new safety measures and had fans practicing social distancing, but these new positive tests could change everything.