Elroy Wearable Bluetooth Earbuds

Rob Honeycutt had an idea to make better Bluetooth earbuds. He launched the idea for his Elroy wearable Bluetooth earbuds on Kickstarter. Honeycutt reached his $30,000 funding goal in only eight hours and two weeks later surpassed his first stretch goal of $100,000.

“Now that we have our basic funding in the bag,” Honeycutt said. “My team and I are moving forward with product development this week.”

A few things make Elroy different. The electronics are housed in a tiny little candy bar shaped box smaller than a pack of gum. The box is designed to clip to clothing. Short wired earbuds plug into the box. The shorter cable means Elroy provides the wireless versatility of with the sound quality of wired earbuds.

On each side of the little Bluetooth transmitter is a magnetic docking point that holds the two earbuds. There are also buttons for controlling the volume of your Bluetooth connected audio source.

The neatest thing about how Elroy works is how you answer and hang up a phone call. If the buds are resting in the magnetic dock, moving a single earbud from the dock to your ear answers the call. Reattaching the earbud hangs up the phone call.

The same is true for listening to music. Attaching the buds to the transmitter pauses what you’re listening to. Removing the earbud starts the audio right where you left it.

Elroy uses Multipoint technology that lets you pair it with seven devices. If you’re watching a movie on iPad, and your iPhone rings, Elroy switches audio to iPhone to take the call.

The earbud cable is two-thirds the length of standard earbud cables to solve the problem of a cable getting caught on something and causing damage. The plug is a standard 3.5-inch jack, so if you prefer Another type of earbuds, or even big headphones, you can use those instead.

As with any Kickstarter project, backers have to wait awhile why the team can mass produce the device. Elroy will be made in the U.S.A.