Sharon Stone Sues Former Nanny

Sharon Stone is suing her former nanny, Erlinda Elemen, claiming that she loaned the woman $12,500 in 2010 and has yet to receive the rest of her money.

Stone said Elemen has only paid back $3,000 of her loan and that she stopped making payments in January 2011. Stone is suing for the remainder of the loan, plus interest.

Stone and Elemen have been battling it out since last year, when Elemen filed a lawsuit against the Basic Instinct star. The former nanny, who worked for Stone for four years before being fired in 2011, claimed the actress frequently used racial slurs against her and “equated being Filipino with being stupid.” She also claims Stone frequently forbade her from attending church or reading the Bible in the house.

Stone said Elemen was fired after stealing overtime pay she felt she deserved. She dismissed Elemen’s claims and the lawsuit as “frivolous” and denied the allegations against her. Last month, however, a judge ruled that Elemen can go forward with her lawsuit, saying her lawyers provided sufficient evidence to support the allegations of harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination.

Stone is also facing another lawsuit from another former employee. Angelica Castillo, Stone’s former housekeeper, is suing the actress for wrongful termination and wrongful retaliation. Castillo alleged that she was injured while working for the actress, and that Stone refused to lighten her workload even though doctors ordered her to take it easy.

Castillo was placed on modified duty by her physician on September 28, 2012 after injuring her back loading groceries into Stone’s car three months earlier. She kept coming into work and performing heavy lifting duties against her doctor’s orders, and said Stone forbade other employees from helping her. She was fired on October 1 and filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing on October 10.

Are you surprised that Sharon Stone is suing her former nanny?

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