Gorilla Photobombs Banana-Toting Kids At Zoo

A gorilla photobombs two young sisters at a zoo in an amusing new picture that has gone viral.

In the snap, two girls each hold a banana up and unexpectedly catch the attention of the passing Motaba, a 350lb silverback gorilla who lives at Melbourne Zoo in Australia.

Lured in by the banana, Motaba presses his giant purple tongue against the safety glass to try and take a bite. Alas, he is thwarted.

The two youngsters, 6-year-old Ella O’Brien and her 4-year-old sister Bridget, are blissfully unaware throughout the incident.

Motaba lives at Melbourne Zoo, where he recently celebrated his 29th birthday. When not performing amazing gorilla photobombs like the above shot, he spends time with his sons, Yakini and Ganyeka, in the zoo’s large island gorilla exhibit. Their 6,000-square meter zone includes large climbing poles and a wading pool of their own.

Zookeepers at Melbourne have recently launched their “Go Bananas With Gorillas” season, a scheme that allows visitors to get up close and personal with Motaba, Yakini, and Ganyeka. For many, this might be close enough.

Gorillas such as Motaba are listed as endangered animals, with threats to wild gorillas ranging from habitat destruction to poaching for the bushmeat trade. In 2004, a population of several hundred gorillas in the Odzala National Park, Republic of Congo was essentially wiped out by the Ebola virus.