June 24, 2020
Nikki Hall Claps Back At Fans Who Think She's Hiding A Secret

A Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D and Vinny star Nikki Hall clapped back at fans who thought she was hiding an engagement secret from Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Pauly D. In a new Instagram share, the reality television star sported a diamond band on her left ring finger, leading to a flurry of fan comments that questioned the status of her relationship with the perpetual bachelor.

In the image, Nikki wore a formfitting dress in a snakeskin print. The garment had a scoop neck and thin straps that rested in the middle of her shoulders. The dress appeared to be poured on the 26-year-old, and it hugged her figure in all the right places.

Nikki stood on what appeared to be a beach, while the blue skies behind her touched the shoreline, which created a striking background. Her hair was long and lush in the image. She had her right hand behind her head and her left hand on her upper thigh. It was there that fans saw the striking bauble and questioned the MTV star regarding her relationship status with the popular DJ.

"Is that an engagement ring?" questioned one follower.

"That is some ring!" said a second fan.

"Pauly will come better than that ring, it's pretty tho," said a third user.

"Girrrrl you are gorgeous but I STILL noticed a ring on that finger," stated a fourth person.

In response to the flurry of comments, Nikki clapped back by saying there was a ring on her finger but her followers should stop dissecting her posts and spreading rumors. She also said that whatever ring her followers were imagining wouldn't be shared on social media. She then added a link to a website if fans were interested in acquiring a similar piece of what turned out to be costume jewelry.

Fans continue to be divided over Nikki and Pauly's relationship. The two became a couple throughout the first season of A Double Shot at Love, but Pauly was put off by Nikki's possessiveness and declaration of love within weeks of meeting him. He acknowledged there was a spark between them, but instead of picking her to continue a romantic relationship at the season's end, Pauly decided to remain single.

Nikki did not plan to attend the reunion of several of the female castmates who joined Pauly and Vinny Guadagnino to live and work with them in Las Vegas. However, it appeared she still had unresolved feelings for Pauly after accepting an invitation Maria Elizondo and seeing him for the first time since their breakup.