Texas Governor Asks Residents To Stay At Home As Coronavirus Cases Spike In The State

As Texas reported its highest single-day rise in cases of novel coronavirus, Gov. Greg Abbott urged Texas residents to stay home and stay safe, KBTX reported on Tuesday. The governor announced that Texas reported more than 5,000 new cases of novel coronavirus on Tuesday. Abbott said that the government was diligently responding to the spike in cases but also stressed that residents need to do their part to address the problem.

"First, we want to make sure that everyone reinforces the best safe practices of wearing a mask, hand sanitization, maintaining safe distance, but importantly, because the spread is so rampant right now, there's never a reason for you to have to leave your home. Unless you do need to go out, the safest place for you is at your home," Abbott told KBTX.

Abbott continued by emphasizing the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is an ongoing challenge for both the state and the country, according to KBTX. The governor said that some Texans don't believe that the pandemic is a serious issue and that this was not the case. He stressed that hospitalizations had increased as well as case counts, indicating that the coronavirus pandemic is still a pressing problem for the state. Abbott admitted that the spread of the virus in the state was currently unmanageable without intervention.

The governor told KBTX that one of the most important things Texans can do is wear face masks when they're around others, especially in crowded places and inside buildings. However, Abbott was unwilling to make a statewide decision about requiring masks. He stressed that the state government has been working with local governments to come up with mask ordinances, but said that adopting mask ordinances would be left up to the local governments.

Abbott also told KBTX more announcements about the state's approach to the spike in new cases of coronavirus may be on the way.

"There are measures that are being taken to make sure that we are immediately responding to this, as well as additional announcements that may be coming later today and later tomorrow, as well as during the course of the week."
Abbott revealed the government's current approach to the outbreaks in the state, which includes increasing testing and sending necessary supplies to areas that have been hit hardest by this new surge of cases, KBTX reported. The governor added that the state government is working with local governments to come up with standardized best practices for reporting cases.