Jenna Jameson Used iPhone Brass Knuckles During Attack, Says Victim

Jenna Jameson allegedly used some iPhone brass knuckles to attack her assistant Britney Markham last week before a birthday party.

Markham, who was hospitalized after the incident, is accusing Jameson of using a pair of iPhone brass knuckles during the attack.

Jameson was arrested on Saturday night for assault and according to TMZ she could be facing felony charges since brass knuckles are illegal in California.

In addition to the weapon’s charge, Markham is also filing a restraining order against the former porn star.

Markham’s attorney Adam Krolikowski filed a restraining order request today. Krolikowski said that Jameson confronted Markham at a salon in Newport Beach and eventually attacked her with the brass knuckle iPhone case.

It’s unclear what triggered the confrontation but Jameson tweeted earlier this week that Markham had robbed her house.

Jenna wrote on Twitter: “Wow just got Robbed by a friend @britneymarkham she accused me of gusting her, and them broke into my home and took everything.”

Markham, of course, denied this.

Markham, who is also a porn star, posted a photo of herself in the hospital on Instagram along with the message: “NOT TRUE! How could u say that u attacked me and im@in the hospital becouse of u.”

Here’s a video about Jameson’s arrest.

If you’ve never seen iPhone brass knuckles, or didn’t even know they existed, here’s a photo from Jenna Jameson’s Instagram account.

jenna jameson

It looks like Jenna Jameson definitely owns a pair of iPhone brass knuckles but it’s unclear if she used them during the attack. Regardless, things don’t look great for the former porn star.