Impact Wrestling News: Company Fires Two Wrestlers, Suspends Another Following Misconduct Allegations

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Impact Wrestling announced on Monday that it has fired Joey Ryan and Dave Crist and suspended Michael Elgin, days after all three performers were accused of sexual misconduct via the #SpeakingOut movement on social media.

“IMPACT Wrestling confirms that it has terminated its contracts with Dave Crist and Joey Ryan, effective immediately,” read a statement issued by the company, as quoted by Forbes. “In addition, it has suspended Michael Elgin pending further review of allegations of misconduct.”

As noted by Forbes, Impact’s decision to part ways with Ryan came a few days after he responded to the initial misconduct allegations made against him by posting a statement on Twitter, where he admitted that he has been receiving counseling for his personal issues since 2018. However, this was soon followed by several more allegations, as multiple independent wrestlers replied to Ryan’s statement and detailed other incidents in which the 40-year-old purportedly behaved in an inappropriate or sexually abusive manner.

In addition, Ryan’s former tag team partner, WWE NXT superstar Candice LeRae, took to Twitter on Monday to issue a statement that expressed her disgust upon learning that someone she trusted could act in such a manner toward women. Ryan has since deleted all his social media accounts, including the Twitter account of his independent promotion, Bar Wrestling.

As of this writing, Crist has yet to comment on the allegations against him. In an Instagram post shared over the weekend — which can be viewed here — the wrestler’s ex-girlfriend, Cincinnati-based artist Hannah Horror, detailed numerous instances of sexual and physical abuse, emotional manipulation, gaslighting, infidelity, and violent behavior that supposedly took place during their relationship. She also admitted to being “incredibly unhealthy mentally and physically” when she was with Crist and in the years that followed their breakup, but added that her recovery is “ongoing.”

“The constant pressure of working in the same industry as my abuser has nearly crippled me,” Horror wrote in the ninth slide of the 10-part post. “I couldn’t speak out for fear of his retaliation. I cut off so many ties and burned so many bridges because I never knew who was one of his people.”

Likewise, Elgin did not respond to Forbes when asked to comment on the matter, but much like Crist, he has also been accused in recent days of sending unsolicited photos to a female wrestler. This isn’t the first time Elgin has been involved in a sexual misconduct case. As reported by The Inquisitr in 2017, the former Glory Pro Wrestling owner was accused in November of that year of not acting immediately when a woman claimed she was sexually assaulted by one of his wrestlers.