Allie Auton Wears A Black Bra & Tailored Pants In New Instagram Post

Allie Auton showed off her killer figure in a recent Instagram share. In the update, which was posted on Tuesday, the Australian model shamelessly posed outdoors wearing a lace bra and tailored pants.

Allie left very little to the imagination in a black bra that exposed her ample cleavage and chiseled abs. The brassiere, made of lace, boasted a plunging neckline that displayed her décolletage. The underwire pushed her bust up, showing more cleavage. The cups were slightly see-through, but due to its dark color, her buxom curves were not visible from the shots.

She matched the undergarment with a pair of tailored pants. Since the high-waisted bottoms were rather long, it was hard to discern exactly the style and color of her shoes. The waistband hugged her toned midsection with a fit that was not too tight nor too loose.

The model styled her platinum blond hair in smooth waves and let the strands hang over her shoulder. As usual, she wore a full face of makeup. The application appeared to have included defined eyebrows, a thick coat of mascara, black eyeliner, eye shadow, blush along her cheekbones, highlighter, and nude lipstick. She accessorized with a pair of big hoop earrings, several rings, and a small handbag worn over her shoulder.

In the first snap, Allie was snapped from her thighs up. She casually posed in front of the camera, standing with her legs apart. She gazed over the lens and gave the biggest smile. While she stayed in the shaded area, her tanned skin still glowed from the sunlight.

The second pic showed a full-body shot of the model. She stood front and center with her legs slightly apart, placing her left foot forward. She tugged at her bottoms as if pulling it up while looking straight into the camera with a serious expression.

In the caption, Allie mentioned that her pants were from Princess Polly Boutique and that the garment is her current favorite. She also added a special discount code for her followers to use.

The new update has already attracted more than 6,000 likes in less than a day. Many of her fans also showered her with gushing messages in the comments section, taking the time to let Allie know what they thought about the pictures. As of this writing, it received over 90 comments.

"Smile or no smile, you are beautiful either way," one of her admirers gushed.

"You, my dear, are PERFECT," echoed another fan.

"That outfit is on point! It should be illegal to be this hot," a third follower wrote.