WWE News: The Undertaker Discusses Whether Or Not He’s Officially Retired

The Undertaker returns to WWE television

The latest episode of The Last Ride saw The Undertaker seemingly retire from in-ring competition, but the superstar might not be done after all. In an interview with Sports Illustrated published on June 22, the legendary performer suggested that he hasn’t called it quits just yet.

According to The Undertaker, if he sees his name on the bill, his “goal” will be to go out and “steal the show.” This suggests that he’ll wrestle again if he’s asked to, but he also stated that his body isn’t as up to the task as it used to be.

“Physically, it’s becoming harder and harder to do what I do. My mind is saying yes, but my body is saying, ‘Slow your roll.’ There’s got to be a time where I step aside. It’s a lot on my body to work even the limited schedule that I do. I still have young children, I need to think about them, too.”

During the final episode of The Last Ride, The Undertaker revealed that he’d consider putting on his wrestling gloves again if Vince McMahon was in a pinch and needed a star attraction. While he insisted that he has no desire to step into a ring again, he also understands that wrestling is a business where retirements aren’t always permanent.

It’s also with noting that the superstar recently signed a 15-year contract with WWE, which is essentially a lifetime deal. Legendary performers tend to sign these types of deals so WWE can retain their image and bring them back for occasional appearances. According to The Undertaker, his deal means that he’ll perform other duties for the company, though it could also mean more matches down the line.

The Undertaker went on to say that McMahon believes he can contribute to the company in various ways that might not necessarily involve getting physical. During The Last Ride documentary, he opened up about his passion for sharing his experience and knowledge with the younger performers, so he might be keen on a coaching role of some kind.

The superstar told Sports Illustrated that he isn’t interested in being a nostalgia act who goes out to the ring to perform a Chokeslam and Tombstone just to get a quick pop from the crowd. The Undertaker said that wouldn’t be fair to the wrestlers “busting their a**” every night of the year, so don’t expect to see him bury any younger talent.

As The Inquisitr reported last week, The Undertaker also elaborated on the possibility of having a dream match against an opponent who fans have wanted to see him face for decades.