Donald Trump Trolled For 'PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT' Tweet

On Monday, President Donald Trump tweeted just two words in all-caps - "PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT!" - and people on social media quickly latched onto the message as a way to troll the commander-in-chief.

In response to his message, people responded with their own two-word criticisms, such as, "TULSA EMBARRASSMENT!" and "PRESIDENTIAL EMBARRASSMENT!"

Others expanded on the idea of harassment, accusing Trump of being the harasser rather than the harassed.

"The man who regularly insults women, mocks the disabled and uses racial slurs is tweeting PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT again. No. This is classic gaslighting and classic tactics abusers use. Trump is not the victim here. He's an abuser and the victim is America," wrote disability activist and writer Melissa Blake.

Multiple other people similarly pointed out that the president has been accused by multiple women of sexual harassment.

A few people compared Trump's treatment to that of former President Barack Obama, who they say was attacked for the color of his skin, for putting his feet on the Resolute desk, for wearing a tan suit, and for eating Dijon mustard.

Comedian Tony Posnanski said that the low attendance at his Tulsa rally wasn't harassment, but an evidence that he was unliked.

Others came to Trump's defense, posting that they support his efforts.

As a result, within three hours of Trump's post, "PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT" was trending on Twitter with over 44,000 tweets.

While Trump didn't provide any context for his message, it isn't the first time that he has claimed that he was the target of attempts to persecute him, from the impeachment trial against him to the Russia investigation, which examined whether he had any involvement in the country's interference in the 2016 election.

In April 2019, Trump claimed that he was being subjected to the "highest level of Presidential Harassment" in the history of the United States, as the Washington Post wrote at the time. The president claimed that Democrats would never be happy as House Democrats pushed to get their hands on tax returns related to Trump's business and personal expenses. They were also petitioning to be able to view the entire, unredacted report from Robert Mueller.

Trump also lamented that people didn't seem to care enough about the Democrat's "witch hunt" against him.

In April of this year, Trump repeated his claim that the Russian investigation was a "witch hunt" while defending his handling of the novel coronavirus, as The Inquisitr reported at the time. The president used the term to liken criticism from progressive members of Congress over his handling of the disease to that which he received during the Russian investigation.