Justin Bieber Gets Unlikely Praise From New Brit ‘Belieber’ Liam Gallagher

Justin Bieber fever strikes again. To the ranks of the 37 million (or is it 17.8 now?) ‘beliebers’ comes one more — Liam Gallagher.

Yes, former Oasis frontman and current Beady Eye musician, Gallagher the younger is stepping up for the Biebs.

Before you blink and wipe the computer screen, the Mancunian hardman and one time scourge of the British paparazzi isn’t swooning over Bieber’s music but his — intermittent — lack of timekeeping.

Specifically, the 19-year-old’s infamous stage delay when he played London’s 02 Arena on March 4. At the time Bieber disputed the reported “two hours” and said the delay came to 49 minutes. The BBC, Billboard, and 02 organizers have also reported as such.

All parental hell broke loose when the concert ran over largely because a lot of the audience were tweens and started falling asleep. Many concert goers had to drag their kids — the ones that were still awake —kicking and screaming out of the gig to catch last transports home.

Their fury was matched, if not exceeded, by the press coverage that followed. Most blamed Bieber’s alleged “diva” behavior, but the teen star’s reps said the delay was down to technical issues.

Justin Bieber Finds A New Fan In Liam Gallagher

All in all, it wasn’t Bieber’s finest (49 minutes (plus?) — or two — depending who you believe.

Not so, says Gallagher. The Mancunian hardman is dead impressed with the “All Around the World” singer’s tardiness, offering this insight on the subject.

“Anyone who goes on two hours late is f–king right in my book, man,” he told Shortlist magazine. “All these so-called rock bands that sit backstage going, ‘Hey, let’s wait 15 minutes.’ F–k that, wait two hours and 15 minutes! He’s kicked the f–king arse out of it – no one will beat that, ever. So get off his f–king back, man: I am a Belieber!”

“I’ve got his f–king back, man,” Gallagher declared, just in case his admission to the ‘Belieber’ ranks was in any doubt.

Huffington Post’s detective work spotted a previous tweet from Gallagher in March, that saluted Bieber’s baby-hellraiser status after his run-in with a burly Brit paparazzo during his now legendary “rough week” in London.

Gallagher now joins One Direction’s Liam Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, will.i.am, Will Smith and wife Jada, Ne-Yo, Jessie J, Steve Harvey, Piers Morgan, Chris Brown and Russell Brand on the Team Bieber bench.

If the celebrity cheerleading continues at this rate Bieber will be back up to 37 million genuine beliebers in no time.

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