‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Preview For Tuesday, June 23: Zende Shuts Down Julius’ Bigotry

Randy ShropshireGetty Images

The Bold and the Beautiful preview for Tuesday, June 23 features hard-hitting scenes between Zende Forrester (Rome Flynn) and Julius Avant (Obba Babatunde), per Soaps. The young Flynn put on a Daytime Emmy Award-winning performance in a scene with the legendary Babatunde, cinching the award for Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series in 2018.

The soap opera has been showing vintage episodes since April 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. However, The Bold and the Beautiful was the very first series to begin shooting last week on June 16. However, the show’s producers paused shooting after only one day back, so that they could carry out the “large volume of testing needed.” The producers confirmed that they would resume shooting on Tuesday.

The episode showing tomorrow originally aired three years ago on June 22, 2017.

Nicole Wants Lizzie Back

Nicole Avant Forrester (Reign Edwards) was facing a moral dilemma. She had agreed to be her sister Maya Avant Forrester’s (Karla Mosley) surrogate and had carried Lizzie for her. The baby was hers biologically since Maya was transgender. However, there had been a clerical error and Nicole was still legally Lizzie’s mother. Maya asked her to sign the adoption papers so that she could honor her promise. However, Nicole felt a bond with the baby.

In a sensitive scene between husband and wife, Zende reminded Nicole that she had agreed to give the baby up for adoption. He wanted his wife to honor her commitment even though she may never be able to have another child again.

Julius Gives Maya Hell

In the next room, at Forrester Creations, Julius was raising hell. He wanted Maya to forget that Nicole had promised to let her raise Lizzie. However, Maya and Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) remained firm.

When Rick left the room, Julius unleashed his wrath on Maya. Julius could never fully accept that his son Myron was now his daughter Maya. He ordered her to return Lizzie to Nicole.

Zende Shuts Down Julius’ Bigotry

Just then, Zende entered the room. He confronted his father-in-law and shut down his bigotry. He was tired of how he treated Maya and forcing his beliefs on everyone. Julius did not have a right to tell his daughters how they should live their lives. In a fierce showdown, he let Julius know that there was nothing wrong with Maya and he should accept his daughter for who she was. Julius needed to learn that there were certain boundaries that he could not cross.

Zende also told Julius that he should stay out of his marriage and to stay away from Maya and Rick.

Maya, who was close to tears, turned to Zende and hugged him.