WWE News: Roman Reigns’ Next Appearance Date Confirmed

Roman Reigns makes his entrance

A WWE Hall of Famer announced on Twitter yesterday that he will be joined by Roman Reigns during tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw. “The Big Dog” will be part of a “Roundtable Discussion” segment that Jarrett is hosting to raise money for the Tennessee Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Roman Reigns, Jeff Hardy, Wesley Blake, The Usos, R-Truth, Dana Brooke, and referee Dan Engler will also join Reigns and Jarrett for the panel. At the time of this writing, it’s unknown if their conversation will air live on Monday Night Raw, as Jarrett also shared a link for potential viewers to watch it live online. Of course, Reigns’ appearance is bound to attract some viewers, and WWE management will undoubtedly want to capitalize on the ratings.

Reigns has overcome leukemia twice in the past, so it’s understandable why he’s been chosen as a guest for the discussion. It was on an episode of Monday Night Raw back in 2018 when he told the WWE Universe that he had to take time off to fight the disease. While he’s returned to action since then, he has been more careful with his health.

Reigns hasn’t been on WWE television since the start of the pandemic. He withdrew from WrestleMania earlier this year over health concerns, coupled with the fact he became a father to twins. However, his last-minute withdrawal from the biggest pay-per-view of the year reportedly upset Vince McMahon and other backstage officials.

Reigns’ name hasn’t been mentioned on WWE television since he withdrew from WrestleMania, suggesting that there is some animosity toward him backstage. Footage of the superstar has even been removed from on-air highlights packages — including the WrestleMania 31 footage where Seth Rollins defeated him and Brock Lesnar to win the Universal Championship — on Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown in recent weeks.

This is the closest Reigns has been involved in company affairs since taking time off, however. Perhaps it’s a hint that he’s gearing up for a return in the coming weeks, even though there have been rumors of the company’s creative team preparing for a future without the superstar. Reigns, meanwhile, has no intention of leaving the company.

“Roundtable Discussion” segments tend to be unscripted, so chances are Reigns will provide more information about his WWE plans during tonight’s episode. He has vowed to return to action eventually, and it’s only a matter of time until he’s back in the ring.