Bru Luccas And Her Sister Pietra Flaunt Their Backsides While Doing Squats In Tiny Bikinis

Bru and Pietra worked out together beside a pool.

Bru Luccas takes a selfie with her sister Pietra.
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Bru and Pietra worked out together beside a pool.

Bru Luccas and her sister, Pietra, are enthusiastic about fitness, and it shows. The two models also aren’t shy about flaunting the results of all their hard work by rocking skimpy swimwear, which is exactly what they did in the Instagram video that Bru shared with her 3.1 million followers on Sunday.

Bru and Pietra both have round, toned backsides and muscular thighs, and Bru’s video showed the duo demonstrating one of the exercises that they do to shape and sculpt their lower bodies. They were working out together outdoors beside an infinity pool, and they were rocking barely there bikinis that likely helped them stay cool during their sweat session. Bru’s sexy string bikini featured flirty lettuce trim and a scrunched thong back that didn’t leave much to the imagination. The triangle cups of her adjustable top also exposed a generous amount of skin.

Bru wore her waist-length brunette hair in a ponytail that trailed down her back. Her tresses were slightly damp. Pietra wore her darker hair pulled back in a bun that looked like it was beginning to come undone. Her mismatched bikini included a strapless, dandelion-yellow top covered with floral eyelet cutouts. The garment was cinched in the front, which created a sweetheart silhouette. The lower half of her bathing suit was also a thong. However, unlike Bru’s bottoms, hers didn’t have ties on the sides. Instead, the ivory garment had thin elastic bands that were stretched up high on her shapely hips.

Bru and Pietra were working their glutes and quads by doing side steps and squats. To perform the move, they took a wide step out to one side, squatted down, stood back up, placed their feet together, and performed the same sequence of movements going the opposite direction.

Bru’s video began with a shot of the sisters’ peachy posteriors from the back. As they exercised, the camera slowly panned around the athletic duo to show their fit physiques from different angles. It eventually stopped in front of the sisters, where viewers were given plenty of time to gaze at their ample cleavage and toned midsections. Bru and Pietra made their workout video even more visually interesting by stepping in alternate directions as they performed the exercise.

As of this writing, Bru’s video has racked up over 96,000 likes and 1,000 comments.

“By the Gods!!” read one response to her post.

“Am salivating here girls wow,” another fan wrote.

“Happy Father’s Day to me!!” quipped a third admirer.

Bru and Pietra wore the same bikinis in a previous workout video that showed the sisters demonstrating a more difficult exercise. Bru was squatting down, and Pietra was using her arms like a pull-up bar.