‘Counting On’ Star Jeremy Vuolo Reflects On His Family & Takeaways From The Coronavirus Pandemic

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Jeremy Vuolo has been staying at home with his family throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The Counting On star shared his feelings and thoughts on Saturday on all that has transpired in the past few months. He and his wife, Jinger Duggar, have been with their almost 2-year-old daughter Felicity at their home in L.A., which has given both of them plenty of time to reflect on how current events have affected them personally.

Jeremy shared a few things that he has learned on Instagram. Despite it being hard to stay away from their loved ones, the reality stars have tried to take it all in stride. He shared in his fairly long post that he and Jinger have enjoyed the alone time together during the stay-at-home order. He said that it gave them the chance to slow down from their busy lives. The married couple just recently started their own podcast to help encourage others with different aspects of life. These past few weeks likely gave them the time to get the podcast set up.

Jeremy also talked about Felicity being totally alone with them, with no other kids to interact with. He sounded a little concerned on how she will adjust to being around others her own age once again. Even their Counting On crew hasn’t been around to film.

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It’s been a surreal few months with the coronavirus, hasn’t it? Jinger and I were talking the other day about some of the things we missed the most during the safer at home orders and some of the things we’ve enjoyed the most! Definitely have missed the normal, day-to-day interactions with people. But it also provided an amazing time for us to be together. Just us. I think we realized how exhausted we were from running all over the place and how badly we needed to simply STOP and enjoy each other. I’ve thought a lot about Felicity during these days, as well. These months are pivotal for her development and, not only has she been an only child, but she’s been largely alone this whole time! She might need some adjusting seeing others kids. It’s also given us time to reflect on how we should respond in these times. Three takeaways, I think, have become clear: First, don’t panic. Our “universe” is not barreling wildly out of control! We have a God who is in control. Second, obey the government. Romans 13 tells us to “be subject to the governing authorities.” Third, love your neighbor. Be sensitive to the needs of others and seek to meet those needs however you can. Oh, and one more - honor God with your time and energy! If you’ve got “extra” time, use it wisely! What about you guys? Any lessons you’ve learned, advice you can share?

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He also gave his followers three “takeaways” that he had learned from these difficult months. One of them was “obey the government,” as it says in the Bible. The Duggar family, including Jeremy Vuolo, live their lives from a Biblical standpoint and he pointed that out in his post.

In addition to his caption, the pastor shared a sweet snapshot of him and Felicity admiring a statue of a crow. The Duggar granddaughter had her hand out, trying to touch it. Jeremy was holding her in his arms as she reached for the bird. Felicity was dressed in a bright red shirt with blue jeans. She appeared to be entranced by the statue.

The day after the TLC star shared his post, Jinger Duggar sent her husband some love for Father’s Day. She was not shy about letting him know what a wonderful and caring father he is to their daughter, and her followers loved her message. The adorable photo that went along with her post seemed to verify just how much the father and daughter adore each other.

Counting On returns on July 7 with a whole new season, with Jinger and Jeremy’s big move to Los Angeles as one of the highlights coming up.