‘One Piece’ Chapter 984 Spoilers, Release Date: Eiichiro Oda Taking A One-Week Break

One Piece features the Straw Hat Pirates crew.
tofoli.douglas / Flickr/ Public Domain

One Piece Wano Arc continues to get interesting as the son of Beast Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido, Yamato, has finally appeared. Though most people thought that Yamato was another formidable opponent that would prevent the Straw Hat Pirates alliance from achieving their main goal in the Land of Wano, he’s acting like a potential ally for Monkey D. Luffy. In the latest chapter of One Piece, Yamato helped Luffy escape after he took Flying Six member Ulti with one hit, saying that he’d been waiting for the Straw Hat Pirates captain to arrive in the Land of Wano for a long time.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait a little longer to find out more about Yamato and his real intentions in meeting Luffy. At the end of One Piece Chapter 983, it was announced that Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga would be taking a one-week break. This means that One Piece Chapter 984 will be officially released on July 5, 2020, instead of June 28, 2020, while raw scans and spoilers are expected to be available a few days earlier.

As of now, there are plenty of mysteries surrounding Yamato. Aside from surprisingly helping him against Ulti and Page One, it’s intriguing to know why Yamato was waiting for Luffy. Though there’s a good chance that Yamato doesn’t have a good father-son relationship with Emperor, there could be a far greater reason he wanted to meet Luffy. Also, it seems like Yamato knew the Straw Hat Pirates captain for a very long time.

In One Piece Chapter 983, Yamato was featured carrying a club like his father and also using his popular technique Thunder Bagua. By knocking Ulti out with just one hit, it’s crystal clear that Yamato inherited Emperor Kaido’s extraordinary power. However, the clothes that Yamato was wearing were eye-catching as they were similar to the clothes that the late Lord Kozuki Oden used to wear.

They may not only look similar, but there’s also a strong possibility that the clothes belonged to the late Lord Oden. Also, by looking closely at Yamato, he has a chain on both of his hands which were the same as the late Lord Oden’s before he was boiled to death and eventually killed by Emperor Kaido. Until One Piece Chapter 984 is officially released, it remains a big question among fans if there is a connection between Yamato and the late Lord Oden.

Aside from giving more information about Yamato, One Piece Chapter 984 could also reveal if Big Mom Pirates captain and Emperor Charlotte Linlin will succeed in reclaiming her homie, Zeus, from Nami. In the latest chapter of One Piece, Emperor Big Mom changed her target from Tony Tony Chopper’s group to Nami after Prometheus told her about the whereabouts of Zeus.