Man Masks Weed Smell In ‘Grow House’ With Buckets Of Feces

When Henry Ha Nguyen decided to cover the weed smell in his house with buckets of feces, he probably didn’t realize what a crappy idea it was.

The 41-year-old Missouri man is being hit with a garden variety of charges after cops raided a large-scale “grow house” along with Nguyen’s personal residence. Sheriff Mike Byrd said that Nguyen’s weed house was filled with … well … weed but also buckets of what appeared to be human feces.

The idea was that the rank smell of feces would cover the rank smell of pot, and, of course, no one would complain that the house smelled like poo, so he would feasibly get away with his growing operation. Or something.

On Monday, Narcotics Task Force agents executed a search warrant of Nguyen’s home and discovered a large-scale pot growing operation inside. Along with the buckets full of feces, they found cash and marijuana cultivation materials.

Nguyen is charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm, and one count of cultivation of marijuana (over 10 pounds in 12 months).

Animal control officers also claimed two Sheppard dogs that were apparently used for security at the home, reports fox19.

Another search warrant was executed at a home in Ocean Springs, which was reportedly Nguyen’s actual place of residence. They found a large amount of cash, more marijuana, Ice (a pure form of meth), hashish, and various firearms and assault rifles.

He is currently being held at the Jackson County Adult Detention Center pending a court appearance. No word on whether or not they managed to get the smell out.

Another grow operation busted in Albany, Georgia, last week was slightly more sophisticated when it came to masking the stench. Authorities say that during an intervention from a home invasion call, they discovered a professional air filtering system in the attic, which included a six foot wide tent, air conditioner, and a piping system. Inside, there were six marijuana plants and grow lights.

“It’s an elaborate setup. It’s not a real large one,” said the drug unit officer on the case. “This is obviously more than personal consumption, but it is an elaborate set up. Everything is quality. It was set up professionally.”

Sounds like Mr. Nguyen should have invested in something a bit more state of the art. But I suppose he gets points for … I don’t know … resourcefulness?

[Image via: Wikimedia Commons]