June 22, 2020
Carmen Electra Flips Hamburgers In A Pink Bikini

Carmen Electra stunned wearing a pink bikini in a photo she shared on Instagram Sunday, June 21. The summery shot was perfect for the first day of the season, which the iconic model made mention of in the caption of the post.

Though Carmen did not reveal the location of the photo, it appeared to be a beautiful day, with the sun shining brightly.

She stood in front of an open grill filled with hamburger patties and buns as she held a spatula with a patty on one hand. She looked off-camera with the corners of her mouth turned upwards into a large, open-mouthed smile. The photo looked to be taken mid-laugh and her pearly white teeth glinted in the light.

The pink two-piece top was ruched in the middle and featured a low neckline, showing off a hint of Carmen's cleavage and buxom bust. Her toned midriff was on full display as well.

The bikini bottoms, which had small ties on each hip, matched the color of her top and rode low on her waist.

Her blond hair was parted in the middle and tumbled down her shoulders in loose, beachy waves. Her tresses looked to be a light brown color underneath, giving her locks a slight two-toned look.

Carmen's thin brows arched high over her blue eyes, which seemed to be rimmed with heavy black liner. Her lashes fanned out and curled upwards, nearly hitting her brow bone.

She appeared to wear a pink blush on her cheeks that matched her swimsuit and a rosy pink color on her lips.

Carmen's followers flocked to the comments section, leaving her messages about everything from her stunning looks to the food she was grilling. Some praised her swimwear.

"You look beautiful in pink Carmen, happy Sunday!" exclaimed one person, adding two smiley faces and two pink hearts to their comment.

Others still were here for the food.

"Mmm hamburgers," wrote a social media user, punctuating their comment with a thumbs-up and two hamburger emoji.

"I'll take one ty," said a third follower, including three red hearts and two smiley faces blowing kisses.

"What time is the food gonna be ready," inquired a fourth fan. "I might be late."

At the time of this writing, the picture racked up close to 28,000 likes and received more than 600 comments.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Carmen previously shared an even racier picture with her fans. In that shot, she appeared scantily clad in nothing but a feather boa.