Josephine Skriver Shows Off Her Perfect Booty In An Outtake From 'Sports Illustrated' Swimsuit Shoot

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Victoria's Secret model Josephine Skriver stunned her 6.1 million followers on Sunday when she posted an incredible bikini shot on her Instagram account. The photo was taken from behind, so her perfect booty was on full display, as was the rest of her tight, slim figure.

Skriver wore a tiny orange bikini. The bikini bottom, which was a small triangle of fabric on an orange tie, was gathered up in the back, exposing both of her butt cheeks. Her round derriere and her strong, toned legs were covered in sand as if she had just been sitting on the beach.

Skriver held one of the orange ties for the bikini bottom in her hands as if she was slowly untying them to remove the piece.

The top of the bikini was barely visible in the photo because of the angle of the shot and the placement of Skriver's arm. However, it appeared that the back of the top was held together in the back with a metallic clip. Given the fact that Skriver's thin arm obscured almost the entire top, it was probably just as small as the bottoms, which left little to the imagination.

Skriver's face wasn't visible in the photo, which cut off at her shoulders. Her gorgeous brown hair cascaded over her shoulders.

In the caption, Skriver alluded to the fact that even though it's beach season, she doesn't have any plans right now. She also indicated that the picture was an outtake from a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo shoot by using the hashtag "outtake" and tagging the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Instagram account.

Within minutes, the post had almost 26,000 likes and over 1o0 comments. Skriver's fans gushed about how gorgeous she looked in the shot and joked about how they didn't have plans for the summer either.

"Can't wait to see the whole photoshoot!!" one Instagram user commented.

"Anywhere you would be, would be the place to be. I hope you have a great day!!" said another user.

Three days ago, Skriver posted another photo to her Instagram that she indicated was also an outtake from a Sports Illustrated photo shoot, perhaps the same one this outtake was from. When a fan asked her in the comments if the photo was from a recent shoot, Skriver responded that she was slowly getting back to work. She said that she was still getting acclimated to working and being out in the world.