Aisha Thalia Sizzles In Tiny White Bikini: ‘My Face When My Toddler Asks Me To Share’

Aisha Thalia on Instagram.
Aisha Thalia / Instagram

Aisha Thalia took to Instagram and showed off her stunning curves while also expressing her exasperation at her toddler, who had eaten all her fruit. It appeared as if the model’s followers on the popular social media platform empathized with her pain while also appreciating her smoking-hot bikini.

Aisha was on her knees with a sandy beach and lush green trees in the background. She wore a unique white strapless bikini top that featured a string around the top and bottom of her chest. The top had ruched panels with ruffles that protected her modestly while revealing a glimpse of her ample cleavage.

The model paired it with matching bikini bottoms that rose high over her hips and tied on either side. The center dipped down, showcasing her flat stomach and nipped-in waist that swelled out to her curvy hips.

A brightly colored straw hat sat atop Aisha’s head and protected her face from the sun. Her beautiful curls cascaded over her shoulders from under the hat. In one hand, she held onto a black bowl, and her fingernails had a bright manicure that appeared to echo the color of the hat.

The model’s face seemed to glow with highlighter, pink gloss, and shimmery eyeshadow. Long, dark lashes and eyeliner helped accent her eyes. She wore a thin hoop nose ring in one nostril.

In the caption, Aisha complained that her toddler ate all her fruit and asked if others had similar experiences. Instagrammers shared the love with over 2,600 hitting the like button, and dozens dropped a comment for the mom.

“My son is like that. He’ll have the same thing on his plate but won’t eat it,” empathized one fan.

“You are so beautiful. Really enjoy seeing your happiness in that smile you wear. Blessings,” a second devotee replied, praising the model’s sexy look.

“This has gotta be one of my favorite pictures of you. You look amazing,” gushed a third fan who also included a red heart-eye emoji.

“I’m so glad you are posting your face and embracing your beauty and loving yourself again! You are beaming. SO gorgeous, it’s almost otherworldly,” a fourth follower enthused along with a heart-eye emoji.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Aisha showed off her gorgeous curves in a yellow bikini. However, she had another reason for sharing the sexy look; she wanted to draw attention to her more critical posts about bias in medical care, which she said costs black mothers their lives.