June 21, 2020
Demi Rose Poses Nude With Flower Petals In Throwback Photo

Demi Rose wowed her 14.1 million Instagram followers on Saturday, June 20, sharing a throwback photo of herself that left little to the imagination. The brunette bombshell posed naked amongst flower petals in the sizzling snapshot, which she posted on her Instagram story for the world to see.

Though the British model, 25, did not tag the location of the picture, it seemed to be a beautiful day where she was. Brilliant blue skies shined brightly overhead, dotted with white clouds. Verdant green trees appeared in the background, coupled with a smattering of yellow leaves.

Demi appeared to be in a concrete tub of some sort, as her body was soaked in water droplets and her hair was wet. She was lying down on one side, her fit figure on display for the camera. She tilted her chin upward, closing her eyes in an erotic fashion. Her plump pout was slightly parted, her pearly white teeth showing. One arm fell down next to her, while the other clung tightly to her chest.

She was immersed in purple, pink, orange, white, and red flower petals. Some were strewn in the air, falling down and sticking to her wet skin.

The snap showed off Demi's ample cleavage and voluptuous bust, which she partly covered with one arm. Her tanned and toned midriff was on display. She arched her back with her hip jutted out, and her bare booty slightly popped. This accentuated all of her curves and hourglass figure.

Demi's soaked tresses cascaded down her back and over one shoulder, tumbling down to her chest. Her brunette locks appeared to be slightly mussed, flowing down in wet waves.

As for her makeup, her dark brown brows seemed to be groomed, shaped, and filled in. They arched high over her eyes. It looked as if she wore a champagne shimmer on her lids that sparkled in the light. Her lids appeared to be swiped with black liner, and her feathery lashes fanned outward and curled upward in dramatic fashion.

Her sculpted cheeks looked to be brushed with blush and a bit of bronzer, making her cheekbones pop, and her lips seemed to be outlined with a mocha-colored liner, and filled in with a dusty rose gloss.

As The Inquisitr has reported, Demi Rose has been sharing many throwback photos on her Instagram story as of late. One of her most recent posts featured the model wearing a skimpy black bikini underneath a long sheer skirt with a major slit.