Savannah Prez Powers Through Intense Ab Workout In Lime-Green Sports Bra And Red Shorts

Savannah Prez takes a selfie
Savannah Prez / Instagram

Savannah Prez powered through an intense ab workout in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a lime-green sports bra and red shorts, the Belgian fitness model started her workout with a series of V-crunch variations. During this exercise, Savannah sat on the floor and leaned her torso backward as she swung her straight legs over a kettlebell. After a couple of repetitions, she spread her feet and lowered each leg on either side of the weight.

Next, she sat on an incline bench for a set of weighted crunches. With a weight plate held to her stomach, Savannah lowered her torso until her back almost hit the bench. Then, she raised her upper body and pushed the weight plate forward and upwards.

The third video saw her tackle a set of bodyweight crunches. She positioned herself on a regular bench for this one and started with both legs extended in front of her. She then raised her legs and lifted her torso towards them. As Savannah lowered her legs, she did the same with her upper body.

In the last video of the series, Savannah moved to a cable weight machine for a set of standing oblique crunches. She held the machine’s handle with one hand as she tilted her torso to one side. As she raised her upper body back to its original position, she pulled the handle, engaging both her arm muscles and her abs as she did so.

Savannah used her caption to reveal that the workout had been more difficult than she made it appear. She wrote that this was the second time she’d done it this week and that both attempts had left her ab muscles sore. In her caption, Savannah also encouraged her fans to focus on using their ab muscles during each exercise to avoid lower back strain.

The post has been liked close to 5,000 times so far and 50 Instagram users have commented on it. In the comments section, several of Savannah’s fans complimented her physique.

“Strongest, most beautiful girl in the world,” one person wrote before adding a globe and several heart emoji to their comment.

“You always look very amazing,” a second Instagram user wrote. “Keep it going with the gains.”

Others seemed intimidated by the circuit’s apparent difficulty.

“That’s not a workout! That’s a murder!” a second Instagram user wrote. “Haha, great workout.”

One Instagram user critiqued the inclusion of one of the exercises in her circuit.

“The fourth exercise is not effective for the obliques, you are working “quadratus lumborum,” they wrote. “If you want to really work the obliques use trunk rotations NOT THE TILTS.”

Savannah hasn’t responded to the comment as of this writing.