Bethany Lily April Gives Fans An Eyeful Of Cleavage In Sexy New Bikini Pic

Bethany Lily April takes a selfie.
Bethany Lily April / Instagram

Bethany Lily April kept the sexy photos rolling on her Instagram page today with a new bikini snap that likely caught many of her fans’ attention. She struck a revealing pose and gave her fans an eyeful of cleavage as she mentioned the angle of the shot in her caption.

The blonde appeared to crouch on the ground with her knees bent and spread apart. She rested her hands on her thighs and glanced to her left with a coy pout.

Her tiny bikini top hugged the sides of her chest and left her cleavage and underboob showing. The top was white with a giraffe print in dark purple and splotches of color on her right side. She wore a matching pair of bikini bottoms that had a low waistline and thick straps.

Bethany wore her hair down in a casual style with her wavy locks brushed in front of her shoulders and cascading onto her chest. Her makeup application appeared to include light shimmery eyeshadow, dark liner on her lower lids, lots of blush, and glossy dark pink lipstick. She didn’t wear any visible accessories, and the focus was left on her physique.

The photo was taken from a low vantage point and added to the flirty vibes as her figure was left in plain view. In addition to her chest, her toned abs, legs, and curvy hips were hard to miss.

She was in a white room that was well-lit with either a flash or natural lighting, and her tanned skin glowed in the photo.

The snap has been live on her page for an hour, and it’s already received over 34,400 likes. Her admirers had plenty of compliments for her in the comments section.

“Gorgeous as always Bethany,” declared a devotee.

“I’m crazy about you, you’re my favorite girl, I love you,” raved a second social media user.

Others responded to her question in the caption.

“Can’t think, my brain overloaded from the sight,” wrote a third supporter.

“Any angle!!!! Your [sic] beautiful!!!” exclaimed another fan.

The stunner also posted another risqué photo a couple of days ago, that time opting for a tiny bikini top that left little to the imagination. She posed on a bike and struck a pose with her right hand by her chin and her left hand on her hip. Her black bikini top had thin straps and a low neckline that left a hint of her nipples showing, and her colorful blue bottoms had a dark peach waistband.