Donald Trump Ripped For ‘Defeated’ Walk Home After Leaving Tulsa Rally

#EveryonesLaughingAtYouDonald trended on Twitter following the rally.

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at the BOK Center, June 20, 2020 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Win McNamee / Getty Images

#EveryonesLaughingAtYouDonald trended on Twitter following the rally.

Video and photos on Twitter of President Donald Trump traveling home from his rally in Tulsa Oklahoma to the White House in Washington D.C. are garnering attention from pundits, celebrities, and social media users who note that the president looked tired, sad, or defeated after a rally that featured surprisingly low attendance.

The videos and photos show Trump as he makes his way home on a series of aircraft. In them, the president walks with his head hung while holding a red Make America Great Again hat in one hand. His red tie is unfastened and looped around his neck. At times he waves as he proceeds. Throughout, the president looks decidedly less energetic and put together than usual.

“The look of a defeated con artist who realizes the deception, incompetence and lies have caught up with him, only to relegate him to being the object of ridicule for eons,” said one social media user.

“Disheveled, defeated, humiliated. His pathetic dog and pony show of racism, xenophobia, corruption and lies is getting old; he was undermined, outclassed and embarrassed by teenagers across the nation who coordinated mass purchases of tickets. Bad night for him and his cult!” commented Fátima Ptacek.

While the Trump campaign initially said that they expected a massive turnout at the Tusla rally, estimates from the fire department say that the attendance was just over 6,000. The venue can hold over 19,000 people. At one point before the program began, an outdoor stage built so that Trump could speak to the overflow crowd was broken down after it was evident that there wouldn’t be enough attendees to fill the space.

Some suggest that the low attendance resulted in Trump feeling dejected and unhappy. Others speculated whether Brad Parscale, Trump’s re-election campaign manager, would be fired in the wake of the unexpected turn-out, or if the president would seek revenge for the perceived rejection.

“Trump’s narcissistic injury will seek some target of revenge. Who or what?” noted pundit David Frum.

Others came to Trump’s defense, saying that the president had just spoken energetically for several hours and was now making a long journey home in the middle of the night. That, coupled with his age, could result in the commander-in-chief being tired by the day’s events.

The hashtag #EveryonesLaughingAtYouDonald trended on Twitter on Sunday morning in the wake of the news as celebrities like singer Pink joked that she was able to sell out the same venue in mere minutes when she performed there.