Gun Control Law Restrictions Are Ineffective, Says Law Enforcement Survey

Gun control restrictions are ineffective according to a national survey of law enforcement shows officers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Republicans are threatening to filibuster gun control restriction legislation, leading Joe Biden to claim this would be embarrassing for the country. Multiple states, including Maryland, Connecticut and New York, have already adopted tougher gun bans on semi-automatic weapons.

Democratic Congresswoman Diana DeGette showcased how lawmakers don’t understand guns, saying that if the bullets in a high-capacity magazine are shot then the magazine is thrown away. Apparently, she’s never seen a gun magazine being reloaded in a movie.

Some are asking whether Rick Warren’s son suicide should join the national debate over the second amendment and gun control laws. Meanwhile, a teen girl’s pro-gun video went viral for her impassioned defense of gun ownership.

A law enforcement survey on gun control measures being considered by US lawmakers tallied responses from 15,000 verified active and retired law enforcement professionals. PoliceOne found cops overwhelmingly support gun ownership, armed citizens, and are skeptical of gun control restrictions.

91.3 percent favored allowing civilians to carry concealed firearms. 91.5 percent of law enforcement in the United States believe a federal gun ban on the manufacture or sale of semi-automatic weapons would have no effect, or even a negative effect, on the reduction of violent crime. Most believe legally armed citizens are important in the reduction of crime rates.

There’s a difference of opinion on how to prevent large scale shootings. 28.8 percent favor more permissive concealed carry policies. 19.6 percent say large scale shootings can prevented by a more aggressive institutionalization for the mentally ill. 15.8 percent believe more armed security would prevent such tragedies.

PoliceOne editor Doug Wyllie says, “It’s my analysis that by and large law enforcement officers favor enforcement of current laws and enforcement against illegal guns. They also favor responsible, armed citizens in the midst of other civilians out there to help protect innocents from harm.”

Do agree with law enforcement officers that gun control law restrictions are ineffective?