June 22, 2020
Bruna Rangel Lima Gets Flirty In A Crop Top & Low-Cut Jeans

Bruna Rangel Lima took to her Instagram story on Saturday, June 20, and shared a video of herself showing some skin in one of her latest ensembles. The Instagram model rocked a skimpy crop top and skintight pants that flaunted her figure.

Bruna was in a bright white, austere room and stood near a blue couch while a glass coffee table sat behind her. Several green plants appeared in the background, as did a photo of the phases of the moon.

She stared intently at her phone for the entirety of the clip. While one hand was holding her phone to take the footage, her other arm was bent at the elbow, resting across the bottom of her shirt. Bruna slowly zoomed out of the video, and at one point, her dog entered the room, brushing up against her legs.

Bruna wore a white crop top with sleeves that fell down her shoulders. The shirt boasted a black, polka-dot pattern and a sweetheart neckline that showed off the model's buxom bust and ample cleavage.

She showcased her toned and tanned midriff in the clip. Her belly button was partially obscured by her high-rise jeans, which clung tightly to her hips and emphasized her hourglass physique. The light-wash denim pants featured multiple rips, as well as two columns of four buttons.

She paired the ensemble with a black purse with a silver chain that hooked around her shoulder.

She wore a black, knotted headband in her long tresses, which hid her brown roots from view. Her locks were parted in the middle and cascaded down her shoulders in straight, honey-blond strands. Two pieces of hair were not tucked back by the headband and instead framed her face.

Bruna's light brown brows arched high over her eyes and looked to be groomed and shaped. She seemed to wear a thin swipe of black liner on her lids along with a coat of black mascara on her lashes.

Her cheeks appeared to be brushed with bronzer, making her cheekbones pop.

To finish her look, her plump pout, which was turned up at the corners with a hint of a close-lipped smile playing on her face, seemed to be filled in with a peachy pink gloss.

She also used the "coconut" Instagram filter, which made her sun-kissed skin appear even more bronzed. It also added tiny white specks to the video, giving it a vintage vibe.

This is just the latest ensemble that Bruna has featured on her Instagram account. As The Inquisitr reported, she recently sported a pink crop top and Daisy Dukes that barely covered her derriere.