Donald Trump’s Ego Was Damaged By Tulsa Rally Turnout, Ex-GOP Lawmaker Says

President Donald Trump walks in the rain toward Marine One
Pete Marovich / Getty Images

In an appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Sunday, former Republican Rep. David Jolly spoke about Donald Trump’s Tulsa, Oklahoma, rally that took place on Saturday evening. As reported by Raw Story, Jolly spoke to host Joy Reid about the lower-than-expected turnout and how it affected the president’s state of mind.

At one point in the discussion, Reid noted that there were only approximately 6,000 people at the rally and called the event a “complete bollix,” to which Jolly agreed.

“Look, Joy, this was a disastrous night for the president because it was framed as kind of the launch to his summer campaign going into November,” Jolly said. “Nothing about the event worked.”

Jolly then highlighted the implications of the “poor attendance” and “sparse crowds,” which were significantly less than the Trump campaign predicted.

“We know how that damages Donald Trump’s ego, but it was also a president who was off his game. He had lost his stride, he was off message. You know, there really was no core message until the very end when he went to the teleprompter for the last five or ten minutes.”

As The Inquisitr reported, the Trump campaign was reported to have recently discussed a campaign restart. This reset was alleged to have premiered at the Tulsa rally, which is the first since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jolly noted the unique challenges that America is facing, including the spread of COVID-19, the subsequent economic collapse, and the racial tensions that continue to grip the country. According to Jolly, Trump either “ignored those themes,” approached them lightly, or “outright misled them” for political gain.

Jolly said the president’s rally performance is a “refection” of his “moral failings,” and he predicted that Trump would be voted out of office in November.

Writing for The Boston Herald, Joe Battenfeld argued that Trump is dependent on his rallies to feed his ego. Despite the underwhelming turnout, Battenfeld claimed that the rally provided Trump an opportunity to soak in the praise from his devoted base and take aim at his usual targets, including Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and the mainstream media news organizations he often denounces.

Biden previously accused Trump of being guided by his ego, which he suggested hinders his ability to lead the U.S. As reported by Voice of America, Biden launched the attack after Trump threatened to deploy the military into states that did not take control of the protests that surfaced after George Floyd’s death.