June 21, 2020
Oregon Authorities Believe They Have Found The Remains Of Missing Woman, Allyson Watterson

Oregon authorities believe that the remains of missing woman Allyson Watterson may have been discovered. According to The Daily Mail, a property owner in North Plains contacted the police when they noticed something "unusual" while tending to the nearby brush.

The article stated that the man who discovered what is believed to be Watterson's body did so at approximately 5 p.m. on Saturday. He then reached out to the Washington County deputies.

Watterson allegedly went missing on December 22 after she went for a hike with her boyfriend. Reports indicated that the two got separated along the way, and the 20-year-old never returned.

The woman's family have been notified of the discovery, and investigators assigned to the case will reportedly spend time combing the areas for additional evidence.

Watterson's boyfriend, Benjamin Garland, was arrested on unrelated charges shortly after his girlfriend went missing. He was sentenced to three years in prison on charges of theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, and credit card fraud. Garland pleaded guilty to the charges.

The Daily Mail further reported that Garland had his probation revoked due to charges of "unlawful use of a weapon, attempted coercion, fourth-degree assault and obliteration or change of a firearm identification number."

Despite his arrest, the article does not indicate whether or not Garland is a suspect in Watterson's death. He is supposedly cooperating with the investigation into her disappearance. No details are given as to what authorities believe happened to Watterson.

According to The New York Post, by the time Garland's father, Don, reported that Watterson had disappeared, 30 hours had already passed from the time she was last seen in the wooded area in North Plains where she and her boyfriend had gone for a hike.

In December, Deputy Brian van Kleef indicated that the two men waited so long because they knew Garland had several warrants out for his arrest.

Sadly, the latest discovery in Watterson's case comes just one day after her mother, Misty Watterson, shared a touching tribute to her daughter on Facebook.

She wrote that the day her daughter was "taken" out of her life would "forever be the worst darkest day any mother could experience."

She spoke directly to the person "responsible for taking" her daughter and added that they "took" everything from her and from the other people in their life.

"To whomever is responsible for taking my child out of my life I want you to know that I will never stop looking for her I want you to know that she has the biggest most powerful and loving army of people behind her and we will never stop searching for her," she concluded.

Pixabay | jplenio