Impact Wrestling News: Joey Ryan Faces New Sexual Misconduct Allegations After Issuing Twitter Statement

Impact Wrestling star Joey Ryan, who was one of several male wrestlers accused of sexual misconduct in recent days via the #SpeakingOut movement, faced new allegations over the weekend, not long after he issued a statement on Twitter where he acknowledged that some of his past actions may have rubbed certain people the wrong way.

In a series of tweets posted early on Sunday morning, independent wrestler Pelle Primeau expressed anger over Ryan's statement, accusing the Impact mainstay of "actively" pursuing his fiancee and "helping ruin [his] life" in the process. In these posts, Primeau claimed that Ryan did this by constantly sending selfies to the woman, telling her a variety of sexually suggestive things, and getting her involved in his hard-partying lifestyle.

Primeau also provided an example of how Ryan supposedly acted in a predatory manner during the times they worked together.

"He hung around after a show and do you think he introduced himself to Gabe?" he tweeted, likely referring to veteran wrestling booker and promoter Gabe Sapolsky.

"Naw, he introduced himself to the f*cking program girl and asked where she was headed to after the show."
Separately, retired Welsh wrestler Sierra Loxton took to Twitter and also replied negatively to Ryan, claiming that multiple people have told her about his allegedly abusive behavior. Along with her reply, she shared a screen capture of a statement from a woman who wished to remain anonymous as she accused Ryan of sexually assaulting her early last year.

In the screenshot, the woman detailed the story of how Ryan flew her in on the day before a show and met up for some drinks. While driving her back, presumably to her hotel, the wrestler allegedly started becoming "persistent" with her despite how she repeatedly said she wasn't interested in him romantically. This supposedly went on until Ryan walked her back to her room and let himself in despite her telling him not to.

"He then pursued me and after countlessly saying I wasn't interested and said no, he sexually assaulted me," she continued. "I found the courage to run to the bathroom and locked myself inside."

As further related by the alleged victim, Ryan tried to apologize afterward, saying he acted that way because he was a "terrible person" whose wife had just left him, and was, at the time, getting some professional help for his issues. She concluded the statement by warning people that they shouldn't pursue someone if they clearly say they aren't interested.

Aside from Ryan, a number of other prominent names in the wrestling business have been accused of sexual misconduct since the #SpeakingOut movement gained traction, first in the United Kingdom, and later in other parts of the world. These include WWE superstars Matt Riddle, Velveteen Dream, and Jack Gallagher, the latter of whom was released by the company on Friday.