WWE News: Company Has Apparently Deleted All Mentions Of Released Wrestler From Its Website

With the #SpeakingOut movement still gaining momentum as more and more women come forward with their accusations of sexual misconduct against male wrestlers, one such performer covered by these allegations -- former WWE superstar Jack Gallagher -- has reportedly been erased completely from the company's website.

As noted by WrestlingNews.co on Saturday night, there was no mention anywhere on WWE.com of Gallagher's last taped match, which saw him go up against Jake Atlas in the main event of 205 Live. The outlet also observed that the British wrestler was not listed in the Alumni section of the Superstars page, as almost any former WWE talent would be. Attempts to search Gallagher's name on the company's website likewise yielded no results, further making it appear that he has been fully scrubbed from the site.

It isn't clear why WWE acted so quickly by deleting Gallagher from its website, since two other talents that have also been accused of sexual misconduct in recent days — Matt Riddle and Velveteen Dream — still remain on the company's active roster. Riddle, in fact, made his official Friday Night SmackDown debut on this week's episode, though the show was taped several days before the allegations against him were made public.

The new update on Gallagher came about a day after WWE confirmed that the 30-year-old was released from his contract. Shortly before he was let go by the company, the wrestler was accused on Twitter by a woman who claimed he deliberately got her drunk and made sexual advances toward her while they were both at a party in 2014. The accuser also alleged that Gallagher then followed her into a restroom and ripped off the skirt she was wearing as she tried to resist his advances.

In addition, another female user took to Twitter on Friday, retweeting the original accuser's post and claiming that Gallagher "raped one of [her] best friends."

If Gallagher has indeed been erased from WWE's history books, he will be the first such superstar in several years to get this treatment due to controversies that took place outside the ring. In 2015, Hulk Hogan was immediately fired by the company, removed from its Hall of Fame, and scrubbed from its website after he was caught on tape making racially insensitive comments against African Americans. He would later issue multiple apologies for his remarks, but it was only in 2018 that he was reinstated into WWE and its Hall of Fame.

As of this writing, Gallagher has yet to comment on the allegations.