Abby Dowse Brandishes Toned Derriere In Shiny, Black One-Piece

Social media star and model Abby Dowse has made a point of sharing steamy snaps of her toned body in scanty black duds as of late. The Sydney, Australia-born influencer continued the trend on June 20 with an Instagram update that proved a one-piece swimsuit can accentuate her tight curves and sufficiently tease her 2.3 million followers on the platform just as well as the bikinis and lingerie ensembles that have shown up on her feed recently.

Including a caption that referenced her back, Dowse shared a rear-view shot in which her toned derriere owned the frame and her dangerous curves were adorned with a shiny, black one-piece suit.

In posing for the shot, Dowse stood with her legs slightly spread and her waist twisted just enough to enable her to look back over her shoulder and directly into the lens of the camera. As she did so, she kept her full lips parted enough to reveal the edges of her white teeth behind them. Meanwhile, she allowed her eyelids to constrict, which contributed to a seductive, almost sleepy expression.

Elsewhere, her long, blond hair flowed and curled down her back, completely masking her right shoulder and arm in the process. As for her other arm, Dowse allowed it to rest to the side of her pert bottom, with her fingers spread and caressing her upper thigh. All the while, her left breast, thin waist, shapely hips and buns were perfectly accentuated by her suit.

The cheeky display did little to conceal her backside.

As is typically the case with her posts on Instagram, Dowse's latest photo update generated a sizable response among the faithful. Four hours after having been posted, her sexy snap had accrued nearly 20,000 likes. Furthermore, more than 500 comments were left, many of which affirmed fans' admiration for Dowse's form.

"The back, front or sideways you are sooooooo gorgeous Abby," opined one fan, adding a string of emoji for emphasis.

"So beautiful, I'm lost for words," wrote another commenter.

"Good lord, you're a goddess!" exclaimed a third admirer.

"I think the back is the best," commented another.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Dowse shared a tempting photo of herself on June 19 in which she appeared to be wearing a pleather black halter top and blue jeans. However, that garment may have actually been the same one-piece featured here. In any case, her curves were similarly scintillating, as was the fabric's sheen.