‘GMA’s Ginger Zee Shows Off Her Amazing Flexibility In New Instagram Snap

Ginger Zee does more than just talk meteorology.

Ginger Zee at The Morning Show premiere.
Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

Ginger Zee does more than just talk meteorology.

Ginger Zee is a force to be reckoned with. The Good Morning America meteorologist has taken certain steps in her continuing fight against depression, and taking up yoga appears to be one of them. She is an advocate for mental health and has spoken up about her own battles. She has also been sharing with her Instagram audience some yoga poses from a free class that a friend of hers was offering. Her latest post revealed just how flexible she really is.

Ginger flaunted her toned abs by doing what she called a “wheel.” Her body was bent backward. She had both feet planted firmly on the floor and the fingers of her hands pointed back toward her. Her back was arched with her flat tummy high in the air. The mom of two made the move appear effortless — however, she said in the caption that she didn’t think this was a “flawless” wheel. She indicated that her goal was to be doing this exact same thing when she is 90 years old.

Ginger indicated that she gets in her practice a few times a week, and it looks like yoga is helping her to reach that goal so far. The television personality wore a pair of black shorts and a matching sports bralette as she attempted the feat. Her hair was swept up into a tight bun and stayed in place as her head was upside down.

It may be that Ginger Zee’s Dancing with the Stars experience played a big part in helping her to continue keeping herself fit and healthy. There were many impressed followers who were amazed that Ginger could twist herself backward like that.

“One word… WOW,” a fan said.

“Looks flawless to me! Practice, not perfection,” another person observed.

“Wow, that’s impressive. You look absolutely beautiful,” a third user told her.

Even Dancing with the Stars pro Jenna Johnson was impressed with Ginger Zee’s flexibility. She also commented, saying how much she loves her for doing this.

Ginger performed her wheel pose right next to her beautiful staircase that can be seen in the background of the photo.

The 39-year-old has been broadcasting the weather from home since the COVID-19 pandemic began. So far, she and her family have stayed healthy and safe from the virus.

Her Good Morning America co-worker Robin Roberts has also been working from home for the past few weeks. The morning news anchor posted an Instagram photo recently of herself getting showered with kisses from her little pooch, Lil Man Lukas. It was a sweet moment between them.